Slavopedia/English summary

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Slavopedia is an interWikipedia project to foster cooperation between Slavic Wikipedias. We plan to introduce communities and establish a platform for cooperation between Wikipedias.

Slavopedia is the portal page for the project in Latin script and Славопедиа кирилик is its version in Cyrillic.

The portal for the most part now and in future will completely be written in en:Slovio language.

Currently our channel of communication an coordination is #slavopedia IRC channel on


  1. a meeting place for Slavic Wikipedians
  2. exchange of views
  3. getting to know one another
  4. working out and consulting ideas
  5. pleas for help, coordination, cooperation (image requests, article review requests)
  6. News Page for Slavic Wikipedias a la Signpost
  7. featured articles, images, lists
  8. requests and offers of images , maps, data (population counts etc), content
  9. what's hot on particular Slavic Wikipedias
  10. editing drives and contests
  11. translation of the Week

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