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Small Wiki Editor Engagement Project/Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Small Wiki Editor Engagement Project?[edit]

Small Wiki Editor Engagement Project is part of Wikipedia’s Editor Engagement Initiative. This project focuses on smaller wiki projects of Wikimedia Foundation — in both getting new editors and editor retention. Primarily this project is intended to support small Wikipedias by supporting individual communities in need. That includes setting-up a basic editing help infrastructure — necessary basic help and guideline pages, initiating editor programs to increase interaction between newcomers and experienced editors et cetera, to make the editing environment more comfortable and effective to new contributors to contribute and get proper and effective help. As well as to create a place where they will have a great time to stay and spend their valuable time in volunteering!

More about this project and contact information can be found on our portal page.

What is the goal of this project?[edit]

The goal of this project is to support small Wikimedia projects to build more functional communities by improving the editing environment, solving particular problems. The goal of this project focuses in both engaging new editors and editor retention.

What is the current focus of this project?[edit]

For the time being, we are now focusing on the Bangla language version of Wikipedia which has around 23,000 articles and about 50 active editors per month. This language has around 280 million speakers worldwide and most of the readers and contributors are based in Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Why Bangla Wikipedia is the first focus, why not any other small Wikipedia?[edit]

There are few reasons for Bangla Wikipedia to be the first focus. Firstly, Bangla or Bengali the 6th largest language in term of number of speakers, but the Wikipedia is relatively small. Secondly, being a native speaker and a long time contributor of Bangla Wikipedia I am well aware of the editing environment and contributors' choice. Lastly, I am also aware of the sociocultural aspect of Wikipedia users and contributors in this part of the world which indeed a reasonable concern to consider.

What is the next focus of this project?[edit]

We are still working on that! And we strongly hope to work on other small projects after we understand some basics about helping out small Wikimedia communities and some outcome upon completion of our current focus, Bangla Wikipedia. But if you think your Wikipedia is a smaller one and could use support from this project, please tell us how you want our help. On the other hand, if you are not from a small Wikipedia but would like to propose one, please do so here and let the community know about your nomination!

How this project will support small editing communities?[edit]

This project will mostly support to build an on-line environment by performing on-line activities. But we also understand the need of attracting new editors to contribute in small Wikipedias, so we may also help to promote and support off-line activities to get new editors where there is a need. If you think there is a need of this, please contact us.

I am interested in working in this project, can I participate?[edit]

You are more than welcome to join this project and help us out! Please give us your feedback and share your ideas on our feedback page.

Where can I find about the progress of this project?[edit]

We hope to report regularly about our works and progress. Please see our report page for the reports and related blogs.

Who are the project coordinators?[edit]

Everything in this project is done by Tanvir Rahman, a Community Fellow of Wikimedia Foundation. He does this under supervision and help from Wikimedia Foundation's Contribution Research Manager Haitham Shammaa and Head of Community Fellowships Siko Bouterse.