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The South Asia Hub is a platform aim to encourage communities in the South Asia to come together as an organised unit for co-operation, share experiences and ideas, and find collaboration opportunities with other communities in the region. The main goal of the group is to stimulate growth for all Wikimedia projects of this region and in a way strengthen the voice of South Asia wikis in the general Wikimedia structure. It will also serve as a gateway to better communicate with the international community. All are welcome to join be they individuals, or Wikimedia movement affiliates.


South Asia Hub was originally proposed during South Asia Strategy Movement Call.


"To build Sustainable Wikimedia Communities in the South Asia region and the movement at large"

Here are some of the specific objectives to attain this mission:

  • Encourage communities in the region to come together as an organized unit.
  • Connect everyone and anyone both within and in the diaspora to harness the knowledge and full potential of the region.
  • Learn, share, promote and find collaboration opportunities within communities in the region.
  • Provide a platform for training, discussion and feedback.
  • Communicate as a unit and express unified vision to the rest of the Wikimedia Movement.

What are we doing?[edit]

What are we intend to do?[edit]