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This page is a proposal for a new Wikimedia Foundation Sister Project.
Status Rejected
Reason Wikimedia Foundation cannot host materials that infringe copyrights or are not allowed by laws - let alone instructions about how to overthrow a government. --Sannita (talk) 18:24, 21 September 2013 (UTC)
What is the proposed name for the project? SpringWiki
Project description
What is the project purpose? What will be its scope? How would it benefit to be part of Wikimedia?
How many wikis?
Will there be many language versions or just on one multilingual wiki?
How many languages?
Is the project going to be in one language or in many?

Technical requirements
If the project requires any new features that the MediaWiki software currently doesn't have, please describe in detail. Are additional MediaWiki extensions needed for the project?
Development wiki
Interested participants


Social media played a major role in the Arab Spring (en:Arab_Spring#Effect_of_Social_Media_on_the_Arab_Spring). Perhaps we should set up a multilingual project that could teach people how to use the Internet in order to start a movement or a revolution. The project would contain advice, instructions, and examples in several languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, Tibetan, Uyghur, Farsi, Kurkish, Russian, etc.). It would teach people about non-violent and armed resistance and how to assemble and / or unionize. It can educate people on how mass movements such as Occupy Wall Street communicate and make decisions (en:Occupy movement hand signals). It would also be neat to provide documentation on techniques used by hacktivists and Anonymous, including means of communicating under the radar and how to distribute information without government interference. Why not create a project that could bring Jimmy Wales' predictions into fruition?

The project would have a neutral point of view. The project would not advertise or showcase causes. Instead, it would serve purely as an instruction manual that is free and out in the open for any group, regardless of their beliefs or political orientation, to use.

The project would allow original research. People involved in protests may share their experiences. People may also write essays and share their theories and ideas.

Proposed by[edit]

Alternative names[edit]

  • ProtestWiki
  • Revolution Wiki

Related projects/proposals[edit]

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Domain names[edit]

  • springwiki.org - domain taken (so are springwiki.com and springwiki.net)
  • revolutionwiki.org - available

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