Statement concerning the Movement Strategy process

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Statement concerning the Movement Strategy process[edit]

During the Chairpersons meeting on November 10, 2019 in Paris the attendees had a discussion about the progress of the Movement Strategy process.

There was quite some confusion about the current status of the process and we shared great concerns about the progress. We noted that the Core Team has revitalized the process after the failure of the so-called Tunis sprint. But the information that has been distributed so far lacks essential steps, especially for the period after the publication of the synthesized recommendations. It is not clear to us how a feedback loop, that involves the various stakeholders of our community, will be shaped in between the synthesized recommendations and the final decision making. And it is also unclear who will be involved in the final decision making.

We therefore urge the Core Team to come up with more detailed information so that we are able to continue our contributions to the process.


This statement has not been sent: no endorsements have been received in recent weeks. Also of importance: the Core Team has reported several times in recent weeks on the progress of the Movement Strategy process. With that this statement has been overtaken by time.

Frans Grijzenhout, December 13, 2019