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The 2020 steward elections are finished. No further votes will be accepted.

Lofty abyss[edit]

This candidate signed the confidentiality agreement for nonpublic information.
Please note that the full page with votes can be found at Stewards/Elections 2020/Votes/Lofty abyss.
  • Languages: en-4, mt, it-2 (at a very basic level I can also understand most Romance languages)
  • Personal info: (English)
    I had been a steward for eight years, and would like to continue counteracting spambots and generally monitoring small wikis and act when necessary, as I did to various degrees for about a decade now (although registered in 2006). I'm an admin on en (also os)/simplewiki (also cu), commons/meta, also respond to info-en queues; often encounter crosswiki vandals or spammers (even if not bots), whether reported locally on the bigger wikis I look out for (although most still require only a single block as they do not venture beyond that one site) or on #cvn-sw - metawiki itself seemingly attracts quite a few long-term abusers too, who I also hope I helped with in years previously. I would like to integrate my present patterns of activity with my past actions in the role, and so hope you could support my request.
  • Questions: See Stewards/Elections 2020/Questions#Lofty_abyss