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Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network/IGC-MC

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In March 2021, the Interim Global Council (IGC) will be set up. The IGC will draft the Movement Charter and will play a role in the implementation of the Movement Strategy,

During the next SWAN calls on January 10 we will discuss the Interim Global Council. This is a big topic. To prepare for the call we have set up this etherpad and a jamboard.

There Wikimedians can explore key issues concerning the IGC.

Preparing for the Interim Global Council


During the last SWAN calls, we agreed to discuss the Interim Global Council. SWAN participants wanted to explore this topic before the Movement Strategy 2020 discussions in January-February.

What is the Interim Global Council?


The Interim Global Council (IGC) is a temporary committee that will:

  • Oversee the development of the Movement Charter
  • Serve as an Interim Global Council
  • Play a leadership role in supporting the implementation of the Movement Strategy.

This temporary committee will dissolve after the Movement Charter is finalized and the Global Council is established.

Background information


Why discuss this now?


There are many points to be discussed about the Movement Charter and the Global Council*. SWAN will provide a forum for those decisions if there is an interest. However, establishing the interim Global Council comes first!

WMF Strategy team planning for establishing the IGC:

  • January - February 2021: Continued scoping, focused planning
  • March 2021: Setup

The Interim Global Council will be on the agenda of the SWAN calls of January 10. But a SWAN call is only two hours and there is a lot to discuss and think about.

*Check here for an ongoing discussion about the Global Council (initiiated by User:Ziko) and here for a discussion about the Movement Charter (Initiated by User:TheLand).

Preparing for the Interim Global Council

To start the exchange of ideas on the IGC, and to prepare for the SWAN calls, we have set up this etherpad. If you like a more interactive way of discussing, we have also made a jamboard.

What to discuss?


That of course is up to you. But in order to be prepared for the scoping and focused planning conversations in January - March, we should at least think about things like:

  • How and by who should the mandate of the IGC be determined? Is the mandate of the IGC adequate, realistic and feasible? What is the most urgent: drafting the Movement Charter (including designing the Global Council) or leading the implementation of Movement Strategy?
  • How can we ensure that the Interim Global Council reflects the current entire global movement íncluding currently underrepresented communities? Which voices need to be heard?
  • What size should the IGC be? What skills are needed?
  • How should the representatives of the affiliates and the community on the Interim Global Council be selected?
  • What support is needed for affiliate and community members of the IGC, so that they can really contribute?



For practical reasons, this is set up in English. If you would like to discuss in another language than English, please feel free! You can create your own etherpads or jamboards and discuss with members of your community. Please leave a link here or post a message in the SWAN Telegram group so people will be able to find you. We would really appreciate it if you could post a translation of the main points of your discussions in the etherpad or jamboard.



The talkpage or Telegram Group.

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