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Affiliate Salon Guide

What is a salon?

/səˈlän/ A gathering of interested people to discuss a specific topic - see w:Salon (gathering)

To engage partners and experts in the Wikimedia 2030 discussion, the New Voices team has held a series of strategy salons where we gather 12-15 individuals for dinner to discuss the future of free knowledge. The goal is to help inform the future strategic direction of the Wikimedia movement. We hope affiliate-led salons will mirror these events, giving our community the ability to invite local partners and experts to discuss the future of the Wikimedia movement. The format is flexible, but in the past we’ve found the following information helpful.


  • A 2-3 hour meal or a meeting with 12-15 people
  • Topic question can focus on a single issue/theme or the prioritization or interplay of the current themes.
  • Gather around one table, preferably a round or square table, so all the guests can see and hear each other easily
  • Two leadership roles:
    • A host: welcomes guests, leads, directs and guides the conversation
    • A note-taker: Informs guests on the process, takes detailed notes, summarizes and submits them


  • Overview of Wikimedia strategy process and where we are in the process currently
  • Guidelines for the evening
    • An off-the-record conversation. Notes will be taken and a summary will be compiled after the event.
    • Review format of evening: Introductions, topic question, follow up question(s), feedback forms
  • Introduktioner
    • Name and organization (could be your current org, your past work, etc)
  • Topic Question
  • Opfølgnings spørgsmål
  • Thank you and feedback cards

Email your summary

  • After the event, please write up a summary similar to this example and submit your summary to John Morrison via email: jmorrison(_AT_)wikimedia.org. This summary will be reviewed and posted on-wiki.

Questions? Use the talk page!

More information and examples: