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  • English-only language projects.

Communication channels[edit]

What are the communication channels that you are planning to use for the discussions? There may be several channels, for example a wiki page and a wiki meetup and a mailing list.

Local wikipages:


  • Facebook group(s)?
  • Meetups?



Where will you advertise the discussions and invite participants? You may use several methods, including messages on a "village pump", a site or watchlist notice, a blog post, personal emails and word-of-mouth, etc.

Village pumps:


  • Cycle 1:
    • Sent to active channels. Done
  • Cycle 2:
    • Send to active channels.
      • Wikipedia-en and wikipedia-en-helpers Done ("Cycle 2 of the movement strategy discussion is underway at - Please take a look if you're interested in long-term planning and ideas. Cheers :)")
        • will remind in ~1 week.
      • other active channels, later.

Other done items:

  • English Wikipedia:
    • Cycle 1:
    • Cycle 2:
      • Watchlist notice Done
        • Check back in a week, to request an extension, based on activity levels at the board
      • WP:CENT Done
      • WikiProject announcements Done
      • Ping a few of the highly active current contributors
      • Ping cycle 1 participants Done
  • English sister projects
    • Cycle 2:
      • Noticeboards?


Coordination with other tracks[edit]

Are there any affiliates (chapters, user groups) active with that community? If so, you will need to talk with them to coordinate your efforts.

  • Many...