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If your name is on this page, it doesn't mean you've been assigned work. It just means you're considered to be knowledgeable on a particular topic, you know who is, or you know where to find relevant information.

Slide number Title Points to convey Rationale Format Contact Notes
Similar to Shannon's deck on goals (pasted below) All participants need to understand the goal of the discussion and process they're taking part in.  A few sentences.  Shannon
Summary and overview of the process for all tracks from Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Process, including the big principles All participants need to understand the overall process and deem it legitimate in order to choose to participate.  Overall timeline, text summary  Shannon / Suzie 
We're starting a movement-wide discussion. But what exactly is a movement? What are some examples of well-known movements of different types (political, social, local/global, empowerment-based)?  Participants need to understand what a movement is, with varied examples.  A few sentences, possibly with illustrations if there are pictures that illustrate the structure of specific movements. Ed has a few draft slides.  Ed
World trends, population trends We don't know much about what the world will look like in 2030, but we can estimate how many of us there will be. cf. 2030 presentation by Lisa and Anna Guillaume
the urgency of the social change that we're seeking and making on the global scale

Global trends: global warming, resource constraints, population migration

Interdependence and sharing

Geopolitical trends

Something similar to http://movementstrategy.org/b/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Movement-Building-9.20.16.pdf , slide "how do we transition the world"

The bigger we: problems coming from similar causes

Without intervention, the Three poisons take over; our movement is powered by the opposite wholesome qualities.

Guillaume to ask people from the Education program or the Wiki Ed Foundation if they know of anyone who has published on this topic. Ping Anne G., User:Piotrus, Shani from IL, Creative Commons?, Pete F?, renewed activity in online coursewares/MOOCs, Unesco/Unicef (E5) 
We have less visibility on technical trends at the 2030 horizon but there are some things we expect: mobile, video, voice, messaging, AI, etc. [citation needed]

solid platform to adapt to evolving technologies and experiences

and understand our user's motivation to meet them where they are 

Something like a summary of Wes's presentation for short and medium term trends, extended temporally as much as possible
Get from the general view of movements to the more specific view of ours. Set the stage for the discussion about who comprises the movement and the ecosystem. Show the diversity of actors in the movement and its place within a larger ecosystem  Possibly different maps of the movement (to show the diversity of point of views). Maybe data on demographics, geography, roles. Or a few examples of people and groups that show different kinds of actors. Maybe have a workshop to make a better map? Or ask participants in offline discussions to draw their own? 
Diversity in capacities, external circumstances, etc.. Number of affiliates, levels of activity, types of affiliates. (Some of the) capacities. Different models and levels of staffing. Different levels of support for individual contributors. Example: Sister projects: who cares about them? Wikidata has WMDE, Commons has some recent love with Structured data. Many affiliates focus on Wikipedia & Commons. (presentation at a past Berlin conference about the different models). Look at Chapters dialogue? Asaf and others from Community Resources, Greg V.
Active Wikimedia Editors for All Wikimedia Projects (5+ edits per month)

Very Active Editors for All Wikimedia Projects (100+ edits per month)

Where do the funds come from? cf. World Bank Income Categories and pie chart

Number of donations (size of the scope)

Repeat vs. new givers (email / banner)

How much are we raising across the movement? Ask CR for affiliates, beware double counting for grants

Link to Foundation:2015-2016 Fundraising Report for more info and reuse some of it for this topic