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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Catalan Wikipedia

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This page is part of the Outreach page for Catalan-speaking communities.



What group or community is this source coming from?

name of group Catalan Wikipedia
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Wikipedia
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) local wiki, irc and in-person discussion
# of participants in this discussions (a rough count) 25


# Statements Keywords
1 We need to promote the multilingual access to scientific, cultural and educational knowledge, in order to give equal opportunities to everyone. Wikimedia is the biggest multilingual project ever done by humanity and needs to take this statement yet to another level. If access to this knowledge is not the native language of the reader, is not really free. multilingualism, access, information
2 Wikimedia projects content is done by volunteers, and wikimedia governance needs to move forward to a volunteer led and decentralized model decentralization, volunteers
3 We need to better integrate sister projects between them, and increase awareness of them to broader public. sister projects
4 Affiliates don't need to "collaborate with" editing communities, they need to "BE part of them". We need to globally reduce the increasing gap between governing bodies and editor's communities affiliates
5 We need to better integrate editing Wikimedia projects in classical formal school curriculums. It's one of the best ways to invest in future critical readers and potential collaborators editors, education
6 We need to better promote both diversity of gender, voices, content, eras, editors, sources and topics among our projects and among our communities, reducing related bias. And equally treat all linguistic communities, regardless their size diversity, gender, multilingualism
7 We need to better lobby to governments and orgs so they release their content under a free license. If it's paid with public money, it should stay in public domain. licensing, lobby
8 We need to better integrate relationships between human and bot editors technology, relationships
9 Education needs to be understood as a process of learning throughout life and not only linked to formal institutions or traditional methods. Learning methodologies should be more active, experimental, not compartmentalized in disciplines, transversal education, partnerships
10 An Encyclopedia is an "educational concept" of the XVIII century. we need to define what role should Free knowledge platforms have from a pedagogical perspective? education, strategy
11 We need to consider the risk that narrative context loses value against simple data presented in a simple graphic way. Also the risk that the movement alliances with organizations or individuals may spoil its global image. And a risk of greater centralization. risks, centralization, context
12 We need to improve a comprehensive view of "Wikimedia", See this movement as a whole, made of Wikipedia, Wiktionary, WikiData, etc. cohesion, global view

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