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Name of group Chinese Wikipedia Community - Wikimedia Hong Kong / Wikipedian in Hong Kong
Location Hong Kong
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) In-person discussion
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) About 6 people


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Line Statement (summary sentence) keywords
1 [Example 1: Sentence] Wikimedia stands for a purity of knowledge and facts, untainted by commercial interests or political agendas, and promotes a knowledge culture of balanced information and cited sources. [Example 1: Keywords] independence, verifiability, facts matter
2 [Example 2: Sentence] We should explore new kinds of knowledge spaces, embracing innovation in order to survive and thrive in 2030. [Example 2: Keywords] innovation, forms of knowledge

Summary for the discussion:

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 In order to develop/maintain the movement, the Wikimedia Foundation should provide more resources to the chapters, both financially and technically. Resources, Development
2 We should focus on innovation, so the community can develop sustainably. Innovation
3 The experienced chapters should share the experience with the new chapters/user groups, so the new chapters can develop in a better way, and the whole movement can be more balanced. Development,



4 The community is quite young, comparing to the English Wikipedia, and there are some difficulties we are facing in the development, such as human resources (the interviewee didn't say much about it, but I think it is related to the employment issues) Development
5 In this community, people are separated into two groups: editors and the people who work for the outreach, and these people argue a lot, and it makes the atmosphere in the community not so good, and it influences the development. Culture, Development, Editing, Outreach
6 Some Chinese Wikipedians do not really understand the Wikimedia Foundation (e.g. how it works, what we are working on), and they only focus on editing. Understanding
7 Generation gap is an important issue in the community, and it is difficult for the existing chapter/volunteers to get someone else to follow up their work after leaving the community. Generation Gap, Sustainability
8 There is lack of connectivity in the community, people do not communicate with each other, and we should work on this issue, to get people all together. Connectivity, Cooperation,


9 At this moment, people are quite productive with the articles as they keep writing and translating articles on Wikipedia, and we should keep doing it in the next 15 years. Editing, Sustainability
10 Meanwhile, people are quite active on Commons, and we should keep encouraging people. Commons,


11 There is a regional issue in the community, as the Chinese language is being used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and also China, people from these places would contribute on the Chinese Wikipedia, but they do not share the same cultural background, they might not understand one another completely, and they might argue. Regional issue, Language,


12 In this community, some users would sabotage the articles on purpose, and we should stop them from doing it, as it would influence the development of the community in a bad way. Editing, Culture
13 The community should focus on the outreach, which means that the community should try to find the potential organisations for cooperation. Outreach
14 Fake News: In the development, editors should be careful about the references for the articles, as we need to ensure the reliability of Wikipedia. Reliability
15 Professionalisation: For the strategy, we should also focus on professionalisation of Wikipedia, in order to make it a more reliable online encyclopaedia. Professionalisation, Reliability
16 Encouragement: We should also encourage more people to join the movement, so that the community can grow. Expansion, Encouragement
17 At the same time, we should also try to express our gratitude to the editors in the community, to keep their morale for editing. Editing,


18 Wikipedians in this community are quite passive and they are not willing to join the movement, as to talk to and cooperate with the others. We should try to get those people together. Community
19 The Wikipedians in Hong Kong and Macau are planning to establish an user group, as the start of the strategic planning.  Development

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