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Fill in the table, using these 2 keys.

Theme key
  1. Healthy, inclusive communities
  2. The augmented age
  3. A truly global movement
  4. The most trusted source of knowledge
  5. Engaging in the knowledge ecosystem
Questions key
  1. What impact would we have on the world if we follow this theme?
  2. How important is this theme relative to the other 4 themes? Why?
  3. Focus requires tradeoffs. If we increase our effort in this area in the next 15 years, is there anything we’re doing today that we would need to stop doing?
  4. What else is important to add to this theme to make it stronger?
  5. Who else will be working in this area and how might we partner with them?

Line Theme (refer to key) Question (refer to key) Summary Statement Keyword
1 A 1 This is a necessary foundation for any of the other themes, but seemingly difficult for the WMF to directly influence. priority
2 A 1 This theme is more suitable to Wikipedia as the sister projects are not as impactful as Wikipedia, Commons, and Meta-Wiki. Wikipedia
3 A 1 Attracting new readers is easy, but persuading readers to become editors either is not or may vary, depending on projects. newbies
4 A 1 The community will be respected better, if it is considered healthy by others. health
5 A 1 Financially, WMF can support activities that promote diversity; organizationally, it can encourage affiliates and partners to promote diversity; publicly, it can use its communication channels to promote diversity. WMF
6 A 1 The description suggests that the theme is just the opposite of what we need - and we need a civil way to quarrel (hard), not a way to make everything "inclusive", "rewarding", and "fun". quarrel
7 A 2 It is foundational to achieving the other objectives, but is only a means to an end for ultimately supporting improved content. means
8 A 2 The world needs the wiki culture, because with more wiki culture, id would be better, a more democratic and forward-looking place. culture
9 A 2 This is the fundamental issue, that will help all other themes along. priority
10 A 3 Support for community members that we do not yet have is as important as the current users. newbies
11 A 3 Give up the non-productive behaviors that we do because they are easy, and adopt the productive behaviors that we do not do because they are hard, i.e. stop vandal fighting and start community welcoming. behavior
12 A 4 Emphasize that we are a living example of democracy - everybody is allowed to be part of this and the only demand is 'Stick to the rules'. democracy
13 A 5 Actively engage motivated groups that are strongly motivated to contribute on a topic (e.g. students, societies, associations, academics, other volunteer groups and NGOs). motivated groups
14 A 5 Collaborate with any organization that works with people and intercultural transfers. organizations
15 A 5 Collaborate with WikiHow. WikiHow
16 B 1 Automation is not the primary goal for human resources that create content in collaborative wikis, so keep in mind simplicity for editors without technical knowledge. simplicity
17 B 1 There will be a larger impact relative to de-emphasizing the theme, as it seems clear that modes of knowledge discovery will expand. discovery
18 B 1 Leaving the work up to learning machines would make the system and computing more complicated than it should be; we should make computing more simple and easy to edit instead. complication
19 B 1 The theme will impact on us, since we are only a group that uses the technology, that's why we need to deal with it to maintain our impact on the world. technology
20 B 2 Data technology is only a means to help accomplishing goals described in the rest of the themes. means
21 B 2 Technology is a means to an end, and our principal goal should be to provide quality content that is accessible in both high-tech and low-tech ways. quality
22 B 2 This theme is very important if Wikipedia is to remain relevant as newer technical media with more personalization and interaction come to dominate. newer technology
23 B 3 Rigorously review and reduce all formatting related markup on all projects, since reformatting for new media will render such markup useless and anachronistic. markups
24 B 3 The new technology will surely be harder on the bandwidth, so we need to cut down on gimmicks and concentrate on economy and reliability. bandwidth
25 B 4 Add concept development and hardware manufacturer partners. partners
26 B 4 Prepare our user facing interfaces if we want to stay relevant. interface
27 B 5 Collaborate with device manufacturers and makers. device manufacturers
28 B 5 Partners that could help implement some easier way to edit rich media on wiki (e.g. directly on Commons) rich media
29 C 1 Many people in West would enjoy wiki editing but have never had the idea of doing it. Global North
30 C 1 A few more projects are needed as the Foundation's current projects are challenged by global factors. project proposals
31 C 1 If we follow this theme, the biggest revolution in education, ever. education
32 C 1 Make the culture and knowledge of Global South noticeable and more accessible. Global South
33 C 1 Reconsider the stance of supporting only "self-starting volunteers and communities". community support
34 C 1 Understand what knowledge do people need in the areas where we don't have active communities yet. knowledge
35 C 1 Adjust to significant differences in infrastructure, culture, language, lifestyle, and information consumption needs. differences
36 C 1 Provide better translation software and infrastructure around it so that users of the smallest languages could learn encyclopedic information in their language. translation
37 C 1 Collaborate with ethnographers, anthropologists etc. who could help us with writing down the unique knowledge of the Global South cultures. etnography
38 C 1 Let's do another Enlightenment, for the whole world. Enlightenment
39 C 3 Reduce various projects that only target content addition in languages that already have an active community, like GLAM and Wikipedian-in-Residence projects. GLAM
40 C 3 Reduce the relative weight of projects that address problems that are irrelevant for small or not-yet-existing communities, like "anti-harassment" initiatives harassment
41 C 4 Create a collaborative global, multilingual effort to identify not just knowledge, but how to ask questions and ways of asking questions. project proposals
42 C 4 Provide private read-only access to Wikimedia projects with Tor Hidden Service, I2P Eepsite or InterPlanetary File System, which could help us to avoid the establishment of countries' borders on the Internet. borders
43 C 5 Convince governments and institutions about the positive impact Wikimedia (could) have on national development with the improvement of information about countries. governments
44 C 5 Approach more universities, museums, libraries, and alike institutions. GLAM
45 C 5 Work with governments and change public policy towards devices and keyboards (set localized language support as default), and schools (teach writing in the local language on computers). public policy
46 D 2 Respect and quality is most important, because a despised Wikipedia would not be read and would be quite useless, however it's not clear what precisely 'quality' means. quality
47 D 4 Well-designed contests could add a lot of well-written articles comparatively easily. contests
48 D 4 The rules need to guard against propaganda (mass disinformation, disruptive editing, ad hominem attacks). propaganda
49 D 5 The continued activity of WikiJournal User Group (and WikiJournal) is very beneficial for this purpose. WikiJournal
50 E 1 We can be the integration point between the expert communities and the general public. experts
51 E 2 This is one of the most effective ways of achieving the Respected Knowledge goal, which could be achieved without augmented content and global reach. means
52 E 3 The majority of the established knowledge ecosystem is biased, and greater engagement with them makes the movement less dedicated to the Global South issues. bias
53 E 3 It risks tradeoffs with community health, in that it is important not to accidentally alienate the core of dedicated, but amateur contributors. amateurs
54 E 4 Develop protocols, tech, support, and possibly grants for making it easier to interface with other ecosystem communities. ecosystem
55 E 5 Make hybrid platforms that bridge the gap between Wikipedia projects and possible partners (scholarly publishers, communities of experts, academic societies). academia
56 A 2 We need to easy editing and contributing as much as possible and set a friendly environment for all people needs. editing
57 A 1 It is not easy to tackle abusive behaviour without silencing robust dissens. The communities are not very good at this task. But WMF is definitely the wrong address here. dissent
58 A 1 Within an environment of disinformation, harassment, and exclusion, there's no progress. environment
59 A 1 When I think of all of the untapped talent globally—the lost insights in math, science, engineering, literature, comedy, psychology, history—to me, it seems like burning the Library of Alexandria every hour. lost potential
60 A 1 We could learn, and then teach, so much more about how to structure factual, polite discourse online at a global scale. We could learn about how to build healthy communities and network them. structure
61 A 1 Build an open digital commons for the future, ensuring a broader legacy for future generations. generations
62 A 2 Deffinitelly the most important. Wikimedia stays on active participants, but Wikimedia is still techy and hostile to certain needs of people. priority
63 A 2 I don't see what leverage the foundation might have to act on this topic. This theme is of course the most important of the five but means nothing in itself. meaning
64 A 5 Partners able to address accurately to the community, listen it's feedback and provide actionable and attractive processes to achieve the improvement of friendliness and enjoyment of relevant Wikimedia contribution. communication
65 B 1 We should augment our front-end, cross-projects interaction, and knowledge with skills, including communication tools for maintaining "healthy and inclusive communities". tools
66 B 3 We should not reduce effort in human communication even if we are willing to increase effort in technology. humans
67 C 5 Support universities outside of North America. universities
68 A 1 Thematic WikiProject could attract more people to contributing, that's why they should be resurrected. WikiProjects
69 A 1 The community and/or the readers have to make the contributors feel very clearly that their contribution is appreciated. appreciation
70 A 1 With sufficient editor participation and translators, we could know better what's happening on various wikis. translators
71 A 4 Newbies have difficulty with meaningful participation because they don't understand how talk pages work. talk pages
72 B 5 Partner with other providers of on-line knowledge and cultural content and become the entry point into a linked world where various sources are accumulated and several different views of the same topic may be presented. entry point
73 A 3 Stop treating solo contribution as the only option, and start brainstorming other options, like teamwork. Collaborative contribution may produce better interaction. teamwork
74 A 3 Stop driving out others, especially experts, and start befriending and collaborating with them. experts
75 A 3 Stop treating online communication as the only method, and start socializing offline more. offline
76 A 4 Organizers of events for seniors will have knowledge of the obstacles faced by elderly newcomers. seniors
77 B 2 If the technology must improve, then communication and relationships must also improve. If offline communication is not desirable to others, how about audio and/or video communication? audio/video
78 B 4 The searches could be temporarily saved, organized and utilized for educational purposes. searches
79 B 5 Cooperation with developers and academics in field of automated translation, data handling for improving Wikidata. Development of Wikimedia Commons App and other mobile apps. developers and academics
80 C 1 We would end up with poorly- or low-managed small wikis. Must more low-managed local wikis be created to achieve diversity? low management
81 C 1 The fact that many wikis are not growing and not well managed is a problem that must be resolved. grow
82 C 2 This is utterly the most important of all themes. If the Foundation wants to achieve all themes, it should consider its global influence as one of top priorities. We should be less dependent on the highliest-developed areas. priority
83 C 2 If the Foundation wants to achieve theme "A", it should travel all over the world learning about different cultures, backgrounds, languages, and values. learn
84 C 3 Harassment and availability of art images are not a priority for the greatest majority of Wikipedias' communities. GLAM
85 C 3 English Wikipedia community has been using the non-free content criteria to anglicize multimedia content on non-English topics. Editors should stop using "fair use" rules and rules limiting non-free content to westernize or anglicize multimedia content, especially images. anglicized content
86 C 4 Allow people to write more than one article on a given topic on a given wiki in order to allow people to write on various POVs. version of articles
87 D 1 How reliable are the footnoted references without help from experts? Not following the theme well would illustrate how lacking our expertise is and how we may be driving out experts who are very knowledgeable at topics. footnotes
88 D 1 This theme seems to be too focused on Wikipedia. Probably a revised or changed theme is needed/desired to reflect how the projects operate differently. Wikipedia
89 D 2 Maybe the slow development of online communications via wiki is related to the quality of content. Without adequate communication, quality would suffer. High quality is possible via solo work, but that lowers chances of improving communication skills. If communication is concentrated too much, how would we improve quality of content? communication
90 D 2 Cross-project communication is very essential and important because it helps improve quality of projects. Without such communication, and without enough sister projects, Wikipedia would suffer from imbalance. cross-wiki
91 D 3 Stop doing nothing, and start updating everything in all projects. Stop letting information go outdated, and start improving information and keep things up to date. Stop treating Wikipedia as if it's the only project to invest in, and start getting into other projects. Stop relying too much on websites, including ones providing page previews, and start using offline and/or inaccessible sources more often. investment
92 D 3 Stop making too many local wikis, especially ones using very obscure languages, and start revising the closing projects policy to make closures easier. Poorly-run wikis and/or poor-quality wikis should be either closed or improved. low management
93 E 1 This theme would be futile and ineffective if most organizations center on Wikipedia, Commons, and Wikidata and give sister projects very little attention. The theme should be revised to suit sister projects well, so organizations would give other sister projects greater chances and more attention. sister projects
94 E 3 Business, institutions, organizations, and universities should stop treating Wikipedia as the central prize, possession, and network. Instead, they should refocus and restructure their own goals and then instead shift to other existing wiki projects that suit their own needs. refocus
95 E 3 I hope the Foundation's projects don't monopolize their own competitors. ...Actually, if editors found their own interests not well-treated in Wikipedia, they should stop editing Wikipedia, stop treating Wikipedia like the only encyclopedic resource, and start creating their own encyclopedias, print or online. monopoly
96 E 4 A bit more focus on other parts of the knowledge ecosystem besides Wikipedia would help too. Encyclopaedias are a small part of the knowledge ecosystem. sister projects
97 E 5 GLAMs, universities and EDU, Academy, TED, Open Street Map, CC network, EDU Groups, GreyNet. partners

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