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What group or community is this source coming from?

name of group Marathi Community
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Virtual location
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) Telephone conference
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 5


The summary is a group of summary sentences and associated keywords that describe the relevant topic(s). Here is an example.

Line Week # Key insight Summary Statement Overall Keyword
1 1 A Example: Knowledge needs to be more relevant. We need much easier ways to add images and videos. Many people want more diverse content, and we need ways to make these easy to crowd-source. We need new projects devoted to this effort that work well. supportive example
2 1 A Example: If we start doing things other than long-form, cited articles, we will dilute the integrity of the projects. concern example
3 example example example table only neutral example

Taken together, all the summary sentences should provide an accurate summary of what was discussed with the specific community.

Fill in the table below, using these 2 keys.

Key Insight
  1. The Western encyclopedia model is not serving the evolving needs of people who want to learn.
  2. Knowledge sharing has become highly social across the globe.
  3. Much of the world's knowledge is yet to be documented on our sites and it requires new ways to integrate and verify sources.
  4. The discovery and sharing of trusted information have historically continued to evolve.
  5. Trends in misinformation are increasing and may challenge the ability for Wikimedians to find trustworthy sources of knowledge.
  6. Mobile will continue to grow. Products will evolve and use new technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality. These will change how we create, present, and distribute knowledge.
  7. As the world population undergoes major shifts, the Wikimedia movement has an opportunity to help improve the knowledge available in more places and to more people.
  8. Readers in seven of our most active countries have little understanding of how Wikipedia works, is structured, is funded, and how content is created.
Overall (either)
  • supportive
  • concern
  • neutral
Line Week # Key insight Summary Statement Overall Keyword
1 1 A We should include live data such as currency data. supportive live data
2 1 A We can integrate with third-party apis to include various types of data such as weather-forecasting. supportive integration
3 1 A We should start a new project for review of places. supportive review of places
4 1 A There should be tools to convert text to audio-video formats. supportive text to multimedia
5 1 A We should have Interactive Voice Response systems. supportive IVR system
6 1 A According to a research, people don't even like to watch lengthy videos. We can have short length videos to describe each section in a Wikipedia article. supportive short-length videos
7 1 A Infographics and pictorial representation should be used. supportive inforgraphics
8 1 A We should start a massive drive to include audios and videos in Wikipedia articles. supportive audio-videos
9 2 C It will be problematic to differentiate between fact and fiction, especially when the topic is controversial. neutral differentiation
10 2 C Traditional and oral knowledge can be documented with various methods supportive traditional knowledge
11 2 C We should document everything on a new project and then process it to integrate with Wikimedia projects. supportive new project
12 2 C The content should be verified by panel experts. supportive experts
13 2 C There should be a panel of reviewers which will verify the content. supportive reviewers
14 3 E This is a big issue and can not be easily solved. neutral difficulty
15 3 E Tools can be created to verify content created on the basis on online sources. The content should be verified a few days after publication. supportive verifiability
16 3 E Bots should be created to track content regarding controversial topics. supportive bots
17 4 F Creation of Wikipedia articles will not change much. neutral creation
18 4 F For better presentation, information should be converted into videos. supportive videos
19 4 F Artificial Intelligence such as text-to-speech should be used. supportive text-to-speech
20 4 F Content should be displayed based on user's search history. supportive search history
21 4 F As time changes, the presentation of content should change with the help of technical advancements. supportive presentation
22 5 G We should become more presentable to be able to reach to a larger audience. supportive presentation
23 5 G We should not be rigid, rather we should improve our user experience. supportive user experience
24 5 G Our readers don't become editors because editing is quite complicated although VisualEditor has been helpful. neutral user experience
25 5 G As the global population increases, outreach should increase as well. supportive outreach
26 5 G We should show articles according to the interest of the readers. supportive search history
27 5 G We should become a bit like social media to ensure user retention. supportive social media
28 5 H Wikipedia's look hasn't changed much and it should be modernized. supportive modernizing
29 5 H Wikipedia should be more vocal about what it exactly is. supportive becoming more vocal
30 5 H Readers can be persuaded to become editors by using techniques like showing pop-ups to let them know they can contribute. supportive reader to editor
31 5 H We should focus on improving the User Experience. supportive user experience

If you need more lines, you can copy them from Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Lines.

Detailed notes (Optional)[edit]

If you have detailed notes in addition to the summary, you may add them here. For example, the notes may come from an in-person discussion or workshop. If your discussion happened on a wiki or other online space, you do not need to copy the detailed notes here.