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Italian Wikipedia


The summary is a group of summary sentences and associated keywords that describe the relevant topic(s). Below is an example.

The first column (after the line number) should be a single sentence. The second column should be a comma-separated list of keywords about that sentence, and so on. Taken together, all the sentences should provide an accurate summary of what was discussed with the specific community.

Summary for the discussion:

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 I would like more "interlinguism", with more cooperation between projects in different languages. languages, interconnection
2 A new "Biopedia" project should be created to host well-sourced and neutral biographies that are deemed non-notable on Wikipedia. Biopedia, biographies, new_projects
3 Wikipedia should defend itself from fake news without hampering the freedom to contribute. fact-cheking, freedom_to_contribute
4 There should an automatic tool to notify the major contributors of an article of big change to the article. notifications, watchlist
5 More work should be done to educate and tutor new users. newbies, Adopt-a-user
6 There should be more communication, exchange and verification of information between different projects and languages. interconnection
7 Notability guidelines should be the same on every projects. interconnection
8 Manual of styles should be uniform at least between same-language projects. interconnection
9 Notability guidelines are already wide enought, so projects like Biopedia are not needed. Biopedia
10 A new "Imagopedia" project (or Wikipedia namespace) should be created for galleries on specific topics with big quality descriptive images with appropriate caption (example) Imagopedia, new_projects, images
11 Uniformation of templates between projects would make it easier to translate. interconnection
12 Since Wikipedia is complicated children could be encouraged to contribute to Commons. children, easiness, commons
13 Wikimedia should allies with youth organizations, like scouts. youth
14 Wikimedia should allies with organizations that are most capable of involving children, like Vikidia. children
15 Template could be hosted by a multilangual project like Wikidata and be directly usable by the various sites. interconnection, templates
16 It is very important political purpose for Wikimedia to spread access to knowledge, as an effort in favor of freedom of expression in the world. access-to-knowledge, freedom-of-expression
17 Wikimedia should find an important and solid partner to help improve usability and accessibility of its old websites. partner, usability, accessibility
18 We should engage more users also as mean to improve quality. quality, participation
19 The number of articles is not a problem by itself. number_of_articles
20 The gap in certain areas is a problem, and it can be solved engaging new users. gap, newbies
21 We should better better spread knowledge, byt not follow "fashions". innovation
22 We should fight censorship. censorship, freedom-of-expression
23 Improvements like "thank" and notifications are little but important. kindness
24 Wikipedia must not pretend to spread "the truth" (there's religion for this), but build itself on sources. sources, verifiability
25 Donations of content (image archives, text) by institutions should be pursued. content_donations
26 Agreement giving users access to online libraries and resources should be pursued. Wikipedia_Library
27 Wikimedia should give the community more instruments to fight promotional and POV content. spam, NPOV, promotion
28 Wikimedia should give the community more instruments to fight hoaxes, anti-truth, conspiracy theories and fake news. fake_news, hoaxes, truth
29 Contributions to Wikipedia sister projects should be encouraged. sister_projects
30 New articles should be encouraged in topics that are deficient because they are too specialistic. new_articles, number_of_articles, specialists
31 We should broaden the spectrum of reliable sources cited in articles. sources
32 Schools and Wikipedia should cooperate to educate children to the web as a collective heritage in constant change, making them active and not passive users. school, students, education
33 During edit-a-thons students can meet expert wikipedians to get their secrets and get thrilled. edit-a-thons, students
34 Children encyclopedia like Wikiversity and Vikidia should be more visible. Wikiversity, Vikidia, children
35 Sister projects should be more known in the Wikipedia community and outside. sister_projects
36 Guides are needed to unify in a fluid way the content of the help pages, which are too many. guide
37 Adopt-a-user should be semi-compulsory. Adopt-a-user, mentor, adopter
38 Monitoring tools should be easier to use. tool, monitoring
39 I fear the idea of promoting paid content creation in order to expand or improve content. paid_editing
40 Wikimedia (including not only Wikipedia but also Wiktionary, Wikidata, etc.) could do much for minority, endangered, extinct and dead languages, mainly saving documents that could otherwise disappear. languages
41 Neutral point of view and fight to promotion are fundamental principles of Wikipedia. npov, promotion
42 Additional powers could be given to check users to better fight promotion and "lobbying". promotion, CU
43 High-level algorithm could be developed with external partnership to better fight spam. spam, partnership, engineering
44 Many "old" users have still much to understand about the project: more resources should be dedicated to educate them. old_users
45 Better counter-vandalism tools (e.g. AbuseFilter) are needed, so that users have to spend less time in patrolling and more time in writing content. vandalism, engineering
46 Mobile editing is critical and should be easier. mobile, editing
47 Users may feel lonely, as if no one care about you, and this may be a cause of leaving. Solutions (e.g. better internal communication, more tutoring) are needed. users, community, care
48 Looking for more users does not meen that we should take old users as granted. old-users
49 Working on old users may also make the community more welcoming. old-users
50 Sofwtare (e.g. media upload) is old and should be updated. software, engineering, upload
51 It seems we want to engage new users, while forgetting old users that are wearing out. old-users
52 We have to work on software. Everything seems old (e.g. font!) and difficult (e.g. tables). VE was launched when it was not ready so it did not persuade many old users. software, engineering
53 Contributors decline is also caused by difficulty in mobile editing. mobile, editing, decline
54 Contributors decline is also caused by the fact that "pop" topics are already written, and other topics are more difficult. decline, articles
55 I am sorry "Vital articles" did not have success. Vital_articles
56 Some tool should say when an article in one language is smaller than the corresponding article in another language, so users could know that translation may be needed. interconnection, interwiki, translation
57 Wikiprojects should have more tools, such as shared watchlist working better than Related changes. Wikiprojects, tools
58 Categories should be easier to surf into categories. categories
59 Discussions should be more efficient, with tools to highlight more relevant content and to give notifications of more relevant discussions. Village pump could be reworked. discussions
60 Solutions are needed for talk pages that are not popular so it takes months to receives an answer. talk pages
61 Flagged revisions should be less intricate. Flagged_revisions
62 Fight to promotions and POV are priorities. promotions, NPOV
63 Users need to have access to more sources. sources, library
64 We must defend the four pillars, neutrality, and independence. pillars, NPOV, independence
65 We must defend "biodiversity" of different Wikipedias, without flattening on en.wp biodiversity
66 We must decide how much money, with details, and stop donations when the goal has been reached. donations, budget
67 We must avoid subtracting money from other initiatives and having money we don't know hot to spend. donations, budget
68 We must cure legal support. legal
69 Legal advice is especially needed on Commons, in order to avoid deltions based on wrong iterpretation of laws. legal, commons
70 Commons needs and image editor supporting cropping, vectorialization of simple images and merging of two or more images. commons, engineering
71 Categorization on Commons is not adequate and should be improved. commons, categegories
72 Commons needs a system to help people to find the correct licensing for images they upload, instead of descouraging upload and creating the conditions for deletions. commons, licensing, help
73 Develop online access to online (book and newspaper) libraries, allowing a certain number of access a day instead of a certain number of registered users. online-libraries
74 No paid editing for new articles and for non-educational topics, especially not for commercial or promotional topics (e.g. singers, sportsman, artists) paid-editing
75 Paid editing by experts may be useful for specific topics (such as medicine or law) and key articles which are still badly-written. paid-editing
76 Mobile editing must be made easier. mobile, editing, engineering
77 VisualEditor should made life easier for both newsbies and oldbies. VisualEditor, engineering
78 Software should be improved. engineering
79 Organization should be more user-friendly (e.g. it should not be necessary to link discussion to the Village Pump to be sure someone see it) organization
80 Neutrality must me protected and promotion must be fought. neutrality, promotion
81 Wikis in different languages must remain autonomous one from each other (e.g. notability) autonomy
82 Legal support should be given to drafting laws to removing limitations of freedom like the absence of freedom of panorama. legal
83 Wikidata should implement DBpedia (or something similar) for its contents and their verification against vandalism. Wikidata, DBpedia
84 Develop good tools to create ebook with projects content. ebook
85 We should appreciate and exploit quality images, otherwise photo contests and GLAM projects are not much useful. images
86 We need a powerful search engine to search inside projects. search
87 We should favor partnership with entities fighting fake news, pseudoscience, disinformation, etc. partnership, facts-matter
88 Engage public and private, big and small, cultural institutions throught the promotion of open access and GLAM-wiki partnerships. free knowledge, GLAM, open access
89 Engage universities and researchers. free knowledge, university, research
90 Closer cooperation with like-minded open access, open content and free software entities, movements and associations. free knowledge, partnerships
91 Extended and easy tools to search and verify sources should be available to every wikimedian free knowledge, sources, tools
92 Defend and expand public domain and free licenses, even through transparent lobbying. advocacy, lobbying, public domain, free license
93 WMF board must be an expression of communities and affiliates. governance, Wikimedia Foundation, Board of Trustees
94 WMF board must not appoint external members that are the expression of companies, including donors, and governments. governance, Wikimedia Foundation, Board of Trustees
95 WMF should continue not to accept funding by governments Wikimedia Foundations, governments, funding
96 Fight commercial license violation. license violations
97 Develop AI tools to fight copyright violations in all Wikimedia projects. AI, copyvio, engineering
98 We should develop and apply new innovative ways to create and share open content. sharing
99 Support local chapters while respecting their Independence and autonomy. chapters
100 Study and overcome resistance to change by community members to every new features and opportunities. community, conservatism
101 Facilitate intermediate-level participation by new users, providing new users that are still not contributors user-friendly feedback tools for quality content, on every project. newbies, engineering, tools
102 Facilitate active contribution by new users, studying new and better tools for mobile. newbies, mobile
103 Favor a peaceful turnover in the community, providing communities variuos moral suasions tools to curb (or ban) regular toxic users (including troll and inquisitors) turnover, community, toxicity
104 Develop and use new tools and manners to improve positive feedback and reduce negative feedback to newbies, who often in it.wp feel treated in an unacceptable way. newbies, feedback
105 Tools to integrate more closely OpenStreetMap and other public resources in all Wikimedia projects OpenStreetMap, integration
106 More attention and resources should be dedicated to answer to request of bug-fixing and improvements (including new features) by users engineering, software development
107 Wikimedia should reimburse wikipedians who buy books, visit museums, travel, etc. to contribute to articles. grants

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