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name of group Japanese Wikipedia Facebook Messenger Interview
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) offwiki
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) Facebook Messenger
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 3
  • By asking a long-time Wikipedian and a school librarian what you feel about Wikipedia on Facebook Messenger.


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Line Statement (summary sentence) keywords
1 From system point of view, URLs tend to be very long (due to URL encoding of UTF-8 texts). URL
2 Daily access stats are hard to find. stats
3 Participation to discussion by IP users are not forbidden, by policy. policy, discussion
4 Other projects than Wikipedia are hard to grow because Wikipedia covers too broadly. sister projects
5 In a diff preview, you see difficult to find where have been changed. design
6 To tell the truth, I don't have dissatisfied at Wikipedia so much. If I do, I could have gone away. satisfaction at projects
7 Gone users may have mentally injured by a community. community war
8 Website structure is very hard to understand, especially for newcomers. Once you get in trouble, it is very hard to reach to the solution for it, including special wordings. On the other hand, such structure may be a barrier against passer-by to intrude in. website structure,
9 At the very first or second edit (especially newly creating an article) by a newcomer, such as at grass-roots edit-a-thon event or at class, it is very difficult (almost impossible) to guarantee not to be interrupted by other contributors. Many such newcomers had given up (to contribute continuously) with such interrupt. newcomer support, edit interrupt, edit conflict
10 Although lengthy featured articles are indeed admirable, I'm feeling awkward, non-user-friendly, hard-to-comprehend articles as encyclopedia are increasing, without descriptive abstract. I often feel it is better if it is descriptive enough with a definition sentence plus some information. lengthy article, descriptive
11 As for Japanese Wikipedia, I am feeling dissatisfaction that collaboration between users active in global and users active in local is not much. The ones who are enhancing articles are who speaks only the native tongue. I am feeling a gap between them and global contributors. The profit of originating from such collaboration may not reach to local contributors. This may be limited in Japan and Japanese communities in which their language is somewhat isolated from others, and where people can receive higher education in their native tongue, but the same thing may be said in other languages. No more translation burdens shall be on the small number of global contributors, in Japanese (Wikipedia) community. Hopes save efforts structurally, such as unifying handling major policies, or translating such policies after global discussion well organized. gap between global and local contributors, policies,
12 Improvements in quality is wanted. To achieve that, what kind of people should join us and how can we reach out them? quality, reach out
13 Hopes it also available for educational purposes as it has some room to improve in quality. Actually some plans are ongoing: Wikipedia TOWN has started from lifelong learning originally, but recently been used as training to get GLAM jobs. Plans to expand Wikipedia TOWN for high schools, freshmen education in colleges, or junior high schools are now being realized. education, lifelong learning
14 I hope the work to integrate information from countries/areas with different cultures onto English Wikipedia. Not vice versa (I remember there was a campaign translating English articles into other languages). Imagine, the state everything can be read in English would be achieved once: from things about Indonesia or Niue to various cognitions embraced in various countries and areas. content integration

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The interviewees are long-term Wikipedians who has almost 10 years' experience, and a librarian.