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name of group Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d'Ivoire
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) Google docs
# of participants in this discussion (a rough count) 8 (7 men and 1 woman)


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Summary for the discussion:

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 Make wiki projects more accessible to rural areas rural area, accessibility
2 Use Wikipedia as a an education mean for children from disadvantaged children education, children, disadvantaged area
3 Becoming a major player in education around the world education, internationalization
4 Rethinking references and take oral citation into account oral citation, references, modernity
5 Innovate by integrating Wikipedia into research and documentation centers, offline if possible, which will promote documentary research through Wikipedia, and contribute to its promotion. education, academics, outreach
6 Organize events on plagues that undermine our society using somehow data from wiki projects. outreach
7 Partner with embassies to facilitate the travelling of wikimedians local authority, partner, visa
8 Help other countries in our region such as Burkina Faso to focus on creating educational content and the sharing knowledge using Wikipedia and its sister projects Africa, low reach region,
9 Foster our vision to make knowledge freely available across humankind vision, knowledge
10 Strenghter solidarity, cooperation and collective work among volunteers collaboration, volunteers
11 Improve the welcoming environment for newbies and discussions environment in general, making it less conflicting, more pleasant. newbies, harassment, conflict resolution
12 Strengthen bonds among people, user groups, contributors by inviting them to work across multiple platforms collaboration, cross-cultural exchange
13 Train contributors and promote contests between different Wikimedia communities training, contest, cross-cultural exchange
14 Organize / keep organizing annual meetups for sharing experience and knowledge meetup, cross-cultural exchange
15 Visits from the Foundation Staff to User Groups or other WMF affiliates could encourage the local volunteers WMF, affiliates, motivation
16 Provide sufficient help to emerging communities in view of their significant growth support, WMF, affiliates
17 Be more open to non-wikimedians inclusion, internationalization
18 Structure better the information available on wiki projects, making them accessible easily accessibility, information
19 Encourage both individual and collective involvement of members contributors, involvement
20 Improve wikis platforms by facilitating the contribution on mobile, offline, and making editing in wikicode optional feature, modernity, accessibility
21 Productivity in terms of content. It is necessary to have a policy to increase the production of content in quantity and quality content quality, productivity
22 Building skills and sharing experiences skills, experience sharing
23 Build partnerships with each government where wikipedians are located to help the community financially local authorities, partnerships, financial aid
24 Provide working material for all groups involved. This could encourage contributors and volunteers to work more. working material, aid, contributors
25 There is also a need to broaden participation in major events to several community members. community, volunteers

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