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As a result following design decisions have been made:

  • Framing for the survey will be primarily provided on the meta page and not in the survey itself to make it less overwhelming. However, participants are encouraged to fill in context gaps by consulting the meta page.
  • As this survey is all about strategic thinking and is context dependent it was a design decision not to include choice answers, at it would possibly provide too much guidance and reduce richness of the answers provided.
  • The questions have been created by the working groups to surface information and knowledge that is needed for them to draft recommendations. This reduces re-design options for the questions, but will ensure that the content collected with the survey will be useful in the next stages of the process.
  • As some of the survey participants might want to provide anonymous input, providing more context to the answers (e.g. regional, gender, engagement background) is optional.
Target groups

Generally speaking we are targeting Wikimedians in the broadest sense, from the individual contributors to any of our projects over members, staff or board of organized groups to partners from our ecosystem.

More particularly:

  • The survey is mostly directed towards Wikimedians or people who have some relation to Wikimedia with a specific preference to:
    • Provide anonymous input to the Movement Strategy;
    • Use an online / mobile friendly / non-wiki access point to share their input.
  • The chosen approach for distribution is using existing liaison networks as well as social media channels in addition to on-wiki and mailing list distributions, which means that:
    • the survey will hopefully reach more people that are usually left out in the global Wikimedia discussions. Engaging these people will be supported by translation of the survey.
    • there is an increased opportunity that some people who have a relatively loose contact with Wikimedia, but who are interested in the discussions might also take the opportunity and provide their perspectives.
Päivämäärät Toiminto
Toukokuu 20 - Toukokuu 23 Final review for the survey
Toukokuu 24 - Toukokuu 29 Kyselyn käännös
Toukokuu 30 - Heinäkuu 31 Running the survey
Elokuu 1 - Elokuu 18 Final stage of the survey
Elokuu 1 - Elokuu 31 Wrap-up and final report
Elokuu 1 - Elokuu 31 Working Groups incorporate results into their development of recommendations.