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You are invited to sign up as a Strategy Liaison[edit]

Help your organized group or community be an influential part of our movement strategy

To ensure coordination between the movement strategy process and its planning and execution we are calling for volunteer Strategy Liaisons to support their organized groups and project communities. Liaisons will make sure that information around the strategy process flows easily. The Strategy Liaison will be the go-to contact person for the Strategy Core Team; in this role they will share updates from the core team and gather input from their organized group or community. We welcome strategy liaisons from board or staff, or any other community member that has the mandate from the group or community.

What do Strategy Liaisons do?[edit]

  • Ensure a constant information flow from the Movement Strategy Process to their group/community and vice versa;
  • Monitor the process and identify topics and conversations that the group/community would like to participate in;
  • Invite and manage their group's members, board, staff or/and their community to participate in these discussions;
  • Encourage people from their groups/communities interested in participation in strategy discussions to read material that is prepared by the Core Team and Working Groups to ensure a rich, informed discussion;
  • Prepare and host conversations in their groups/communities at certain points in the process (the timeline will become clearer once the working groups have set-up their processes);
  • Summarize and publish major discussion points to feed into the strategy process.

What support will be available for Strategy Liaisons?[edit]

  • Contact information for someone who you can reach out to with any questions about the process or discussions;
  • Regular updates on the status of the process and next steps as well as possible opportunities to participate and provide input;
  • We are planning to work with language liaisons for translations again, but this process will not be in place before September. Please indicate any translation (from and to English) support you would need from the Core Team.

How do I sign up to be a Strategy Liaison?[edit]

If your group/community has agreed for you to volunteer as their Strategy Liaison, please please sign up here(to be created). This will let us know that you are planning to participate in the process and we can better support your efforts. An overview of all groups/communities and their Strategy Liaisons can be found in the Outreach Map (to be created).