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Movement Strategy/Recommendations/Iteration 2/Advocacy/3

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Global conversation[edit]

movement is exchanging ideas and experiences -> there is space and rules for engaging in conversation -> there is equity of access and streamlining of results

R3: There is an established communication process for community advocates to have central conversations about advocacy


Advocacy can be done with very little resources, but there are times when community members may need or want support to run a campaign or talk to lawmakers. Negative outcomes include: expertise and experience is not being shared and community members may not be clear on where and when they can take a stand on policy or advocacy issues.


Our recommendation addresses these issues by creating a specific transparent process that is based on

  1. easily available information where to look for support and what the process is like
  2. expectations management (what sort of support we are able to offer and path for creating non-standard solutions)
  3. timely acknowledgement and response.


The rules of engagement, the range of provided support, and other important information (directories, lawyers’ info, etc.) should be coordinated and maintained by the Advocacy Hub. However, these should be discussed and established by the community in cooperation with coordinators to match needs and expectations with what realistically can be provided. Many of those practices exist, either provided by the WMF or in Europe. What is needed is an overview, mainstreaming, supplementing these processes and capturing them as a set of clear guidelines.