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Movement Strategy/Recommendations/Iteration 2/Partnerships

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There are 13 draft recommendations by the Partnerships Working Group:

  1. Provide the knowledge needed for understanding and solving global issues
  2. Wikimedia as steward of the Free Knowledge Ecosystem
  3. Shared ecosystem of services and tools for content partnerships
  4. Data partnerships approach to fulfill the vision of knowledge as a service for our partners
  5. Focus on knowledge equity when determining priorities for Partnerships
  6. Partnerships as part of a Distributed Vision
  7. Partnerships as a shared and equitable resource and activity
  8. Prioritise documentation
  9. Invest in sharing knowledge about partnerships across the movement
  10. Support the skills development of people working on partnerships
  11. Invest in the leadership potential of community members
  12. Establish recognition principles for new partners for attribution and content donation
  13. Additional research for areas where we have identified issues but haven’t made recommendations