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The Swedish Wikipedia is the Swedish language version of Wikipedia. It was founded in May 2001, but was practically inactive until November 2002. On August 27, 2005, Swedish Wikipedia passed 100 000 articles and during the month of December 2008 Swedish Wikipedia passed 300 000 articles. On June 18 2011 Swedish Wikipedia passed 400 000 articles.

The Swedish Wikipedia reached 500 000 articles on September 27, 2012 .

The criteria for a user to become an administrator on the Swedish Wikipedia are quite low compared to other Wikipedias. The effects hereof may, to a certain extent, be reduced by the fact that administrators on the Swedish Wikipedia have to be re-elected yearly, making it easier to get rid of unsuitable administrators. Of the 8 615 registered users as of November 20, 2005, 69 (or 0.8%) were admins. On January 17, 2010, Swedish Wikipedia had 100 administrators.

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Statistics for the Swedish Wikipedia can be found here.


Started: May 2001

Areas of strength

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Areas of weakness

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What other prominent encyclopedias exist in this language (print, electronic, online)?

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Prominent milestones/events[edit]

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What has its impact been?

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What language features are challenging?

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What would surprise the outside reader about the community?

  • Sv: Wikipedia has not been covered much at all by the Swedish press
  • Since English is so widely comprehensible in Sweden, it may be folks use and concentrate on en: to the detriment of sv:

What are some unique practices/characteristics?

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Who were the earliest participants, who started it?

Other prominent Wikipedians?

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Gender gap[edit]

See Research:Wikipedia Equality Sweden


Toira-lika measures have been used on svwp a couple of times.

Mätning Good
September 2005 15.7% 32.5% 51.8%
December 2005 9.8% 24.6% 65.6%
April 2006 12.5% 36.2% 51.3%
November 2006 9.6% 31.3% 59.1%
Maj 2007 7.08% 29.83% 63.08%
Oktober 2007 7.3% 24.8% 67.9%
December 2007 3.75% 26% 70.25%
Mars 2008 7.33% 30.92% 61.75%