Syberthon 2020

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Syberthon 2020


Cyber World is fast-changing by internet of things (connected devices), internet of people (Social Networking Sites), Internet of Commerce (Online Shopping Sites) and New Generation Intelligent Network of Telecommunication leading to different possibilities of Cyber Crime, which is now not only restricted to computers and its networks, but has also extended to almost every electronic device.

A security awareness program is a way to ensure that everyone has an appropriate level of know-how about security, along with a proper sense of responsibility. This online awareness program is aimed at imparting knowledge of various Cyber-security threats, challenges with a real understanding.

Cyber Crime is a global practice that impacts the privacy and security of a person online. Lack of awareness is the prime reason for people to fall for the traps and women and children are often soft targets.

The purpose of this initiative is to raise awareness and provide accessible resources in order to educate people on how to stay safe in this constantly evolving virtual world. In doing so, the attempt will be made to design two activities-

  1. Providing information about Cyber-crimes, attack routes, and prevention methods and to raise awareness about the same.
  2. Providing information on Cyber Law.


To create content related to Cyber Crimes and also raise awareness about the same. For this two offline edit-a-thons and respective trainings/ workshops will be organised-

  1. To create missing articles or to expand the existing articles on English Wikipedia
  2. To create content in Indian languages using Content Translation Tool
  3. To conduct awareness sessions around the same


English, Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Urdu, Assamese

Venue and Dates[edit]

CT University, Ludhiana[1]


Edit-a-thon 1:

  • Wikipedia Workshop and Edit-a-thon (English Wikipedia): 06 February 2020

Edit-a-thon 2:

  • Content Translation Training

On 1st March 2020

  • Edit-a-thon

On 2nd March 2020

  • Edit-a-thon Cycle 2

On 11th April 2020

  • Edit-a-thon Cycle 3

On 17th October 2020

Mentors (Experienced Wikimedians)[edit]

Participants (Students)[edit]