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TACE Wiki Hub

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The TACE Wiki Hub, established by the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group, is a dedicated space for promoting Wikimedia projects and activities at the Tamale College of Education (TACE). The hub was officially launched on the 14th of August, 2022, in lecture room 20 on the TACE campus. The launch event was graced by the patron, Mr. Iddrisu Alhassan Sibdow, and the executive director of Dagbani Wikimedians User Group.

Launch Event


During the launch event, team members of the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group presented on the various opportunities and possibilities that the TACE Wiki Hub offers. They emphasized the importance of active participation and collaboration to ensure the success of all activities related to the program. The team shared insights on how students can leverage Wikipedia to enhance their studies, stay updated, and contribute to knowledge sharing.

Patron's Message


Mr. Iddrisu Alhassan Sibdow, the patron of the TACE Wiki Hub, expressed his gratitude for the successful launch of the program. He acknowledged the significance of Wikipedia as a valuable resource for students and encouraged all participants to take the initiative seriously. He highlighted the benefits of engaging with Wikimedia projects, emphasizing how it can broaden students' understanding, improve research skills, and foster a culture of lifelong learning.


Lauch of TACE Wiki Club

The TACE Wiki Hub aims to achieve the following objectives:

Promote Wikimedia Projects: Raise awareness about Wikimedia projects among students and faculty members at TACE, encouraging their active participation and contributions.

Enhance Research and Study Skills: Provide students with access to reliable and up-to-date information through Wikipedia, enabling them to conduct thorough research and enhance their academic performance.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: Foster a collaborative environment where students can share knowledge, ideas, and experiences related to Wikimedia projects, thus enriching the learning community at TACE.

Capacity Building: Organize training sessions, workshops, and seminars to develop the skills and competencies of students in contributing to Wikimedia projects, including editing, content creation, and digital literacy.


TACE Wiki Club event

The TACE Wiki Hub plans to organize a range of activities to engage students and promote Wikimedia projects, including:

Edit-a-thons: Collaborative editing sessions where participants work together to improve Wikipedia articles on specific topics relevant to their studies.

Training Workshops: Conducting workshops to enhance students' understanding of Wikimedia tools and platforms, guiding them on effective research techniques, and fostering critical thinking and information literacy skills.

Awareness Campaigns: Organizing awareness campaigns to promote the use of Wikimedia projects among the student community, emphasizing the importance of open knowledge and free access to information.

Collaborative Projects: Encouraging students to collaborate on projects that contribute to the development of Wikimedia projects, such as creating articles, translating content, or documenting local knowledge.

Join Us!


We welcome all students and faculty members at TACE to actively participate in the TACE Wiki Hub and contribute to the vibrant Wikimedia community. Together, we can harness the power of knowledge sharing and collaborative learning to create a valuable resource for future generations.

Let's embrace the spirit of open knowledge and make a difference through the TACE Wiki Hub!