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I don't find how I could translate Centralnotice-VectorNewLook_phase3-link/eo. I have no user rights here and I don't find it in TranslateWiki (where I have needed user rights). The translations should be as follows:

en: Help us find bugs and complete user interface translations.
eo: Helpu nin trovi cimojn kaj fintraduki la uzantointerfacon.

Arno Lagrange  06:50, 22 June 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Eleven item and scrooling[edit]

I've find, when I looked on article "Tarot", that eleven item hanged my computer. When I pressed Esc, the process continued and ended. Then, when I looked on details about one of the pictures, my computer hanged for a while, when I wanted to scrool the screen down. I have Internet Explorer 5.5.

Thank you for correcting the item problems. I am very sorry, but I've find out, that my computer still hangs also during browsing in the article (again I've tried "Tarot"), when I press PgDown for the first time. Then all allready works normally. I forgott state it above.

It's polite to add one more thing. My computer and internet connection are wery slow (computer 75 Mhz, internet connection 3 Kb per sec). But so far I had no serious problems with "old" Wikipedia.

What this changes for???[edit]

Hi! IMHO all this design changes are strange an useless. More of this, i find this blue-colored lines ugly. Gray color is much more pleasant for eye, while blue without yellow arises some unpleasant associations. Please try do the best to provide us a possibility to use old classic wiki-interface which is so sweet for our hearts. --A1 19:36, 28 June 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]