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I support this Masterhomer 21:34, 10 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Me too. -- 03:21, 27 May 2006 (UTC)

In regard to support for namespaces, if you are busy utilizing the namespaces for the site based on Language, then you would then be able to keep "User:" across all sites, but things such as "Talk" would be based on the language it was in -- such as "en:Talk:Orange" and "sp:Talk:Naranja" (if we're talking apples and oranges, here, why not talk Orange in this discussion of how it could work otherwise). This would need some sort of matrixing capability, but a preface of language would allow the "" to not need to use most of its subdomains -- or, rather, the meta-wikis, the wikisource, and etc, would then be better places at "", "", "" (or "" or ""), etc. This would be of different quality than using the "wikipedia" domain, by taking all the wikimedia projects and making them "wiki" projects. In a way, it would make things somewhat easier, but it seems preferable to keep the toplevel domains, and not utilize most of the subdomains, except on wikimedia itself -- and the wikimedia projects keep their own domains. This does seem to work, in some ways, to remove the "wikimedia" requirements, but it challenges the enduser to memorize the acronyms for their own language on the world wide web -- the wikipedia is a project that aims for simplicity and speed -- once a person accesses their own wikipedia language site by the main interface (which ought to be a one-time thing, unless you're in a very diverse location in a cybercafe, which would clear cookies regularly), they can search or include their title on their own site -- "www.wikipedia" seems to respond in English by default, as it is the language of its developers and such -- and thus gains only the benefit of being slightly annoying for those who do not know their own language's two-letter language code. The benefit of memorizing two letters, however, saves you a whopping one letter when typing in your default language (hopefully on a keyboard that supports your default language). I see very little problem other than this. I also apologize for writing this as a single paragraph -- it was mostly stream-of-consciousness, and I don't really have an appopriate title or idea of how to sort it -- it's just a stream of ideas that you could use if you want to contribute further to the wikipedia in some sort of possible "Internet Universalization" of WP. 16:14, 23 August 2006 (UTC) (Lorele)