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I try very hard to be nice to newbies and cranks, and I don't call for draconian methods to deal with them, but sometimes, to be frank, they really really shit me and I start dreaming about supernatural (or at least superuser) powers to deal with them.

Typically this occurs in cases where I can't claim to be a genuine expert in the area, but I do know that the edits some crank is making are inaccurate. Dealing with them the conventional way can be a really tedious process sometimes, requiring multiple reversions, edits, and considerable amounts of research, to end up with an article that reads pretty much the same as it did in the first place - all of which takes away time from what I would prefer to be doing - writing new articles and expanding old ones. But I feel that it's important to not let the Wikipedia degrade through inattention.

After repeated bouts of this, you really do get the itch for a "just piss off and leave it to people with clue" button (and pardon me if I be so bold as to include myself in that bracket in some subset of human knowledge).

One final thought. Being nice to the newbies is all very well. How about extending a little respect to the old hands (of whom I count myself a very minorly important member) who have contributed a hell of a lot to making Wikipedia what it is? --Robert Merkel

Nah.. You don't give "free samples" to someone already addicted, do you? :-) BL 19:16, 7 Sep 2003 (UTC)

I'd just like to add my support to whoever first wrote this page. I've seen too many people become victim to this disease - and become victim to the karmic-retribution one suffers from being routinely unpleasant to a wide variety of folks on a daily basis. --MyRedDice

Thanks Martin. I must admit Im a former victim and current carrier of the disease, which means I can transmit it to others if Im not careful or considerate. And like with all things--I only know because Im the same way.-Stevertigo 07:14, 8 Sep 2003 (UTC) PS- It struck me as serendipitous that the terms 'user' and 'wikipediholic' are so prevalent in wikulture. I know this has probably occured to almost everyone else before, but It was just revealed to me by the great god GNU and I feel a little enraptured. :) sv

Standards, dammit!

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Hello, everyone. (Well, almost.) Ive made a little treatment of a pertinent issue to all Wikipedians everywhere (including the dead and not-yet-born) its at m:Academic standards kick. Please make any necessary corrections. -戴&#30505sv 04:19, Sep 7, 2003 (UTC)