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The "page access control" feature, are we going to have this on 1.5 ??. This is very important for intranet company Wiki. 01:50, 6 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Nope. Note that company intranets are not MediaWiki's target usage; where strong read/write access controls are required I would recommend using software designed for this, and not MediaWiki. --brion 02:44, 6 Jun 2005 (UTC)
Well, i'm searching for an appropriate solution for ACLs in mediawiki, too. As I could see from the Statements on the mailing-list, there is large restraint in implementing such features which are, (understandably for me) not of interest for wikipedia an sister-projects.
But, more and more companies, NPOs using mediawiki, and isn't this pleasing for the wiki-idea and philosophy ? Many of these organizations want to use ACLs to protect some operational documentation, which are surely not of common interrest; e.g. their firewall-configuration. Or they just want to differentiate work on specific content (for the first, maybe; later they find out that ACLs are no longer neccessary, but they woldn't have started the project without these features).
Time is money and many of the developers invest their time without getting payed. (Many thanks at all !!)
For myself I'm a proponent of the open wiki philosophy and culture, but I have also to do my job. My job is working on a documentation system that can be used to transport Information for internal and external themes with the same interface. I have decided for mediawiki because of it's open strategy. Most subprojects have external and internal contexts and getting projectmanagers on board the "wiki-boat" cold be easy, when the offered solution satisfies the (allegedly) need of ACLs.
The knowlede condensed in intranet-wiki-solutions may sometimes feed into the world-knowledge base, and, maybe, this is wikipedia. Maybe, the technology for combining all of them are interwiki-features (in a future version).
When you block-out these wikis by e.g. not implementing ACLs, you will exclude them from the world-knowledge base from the very beginning. Is it worth that ? Or aren't we dreaming a wordwide wiki dream ? Let's dream it to a successful end !
Ok, let me come back to the ground: ACLs shold be implemented soon, because a lot of possible wiki-Projects will disapear to some commercial, proprietary software solutions. Since mediawiki 1.5 there is a place in the data structure for it. There should be a Tab on the article to manage a matrix of users/groups to the appropriate functions read/edit/move/... storing that stuff to the article-related place in the database. This feature should be switchable by a variable in LocalSettings and the functionality should be developed in an extension, so wikipedia and sisters can simply switch it off.

GerhardSchwarz 12:43, 23 June 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

page acl implemented[edit]

GroupWikiBase implements granular per-page acl into mediawiki.