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Ok, so, does anyone care to explain exactly why the Wiki Foundation would incorporate in the US specifically?

I'd like to start a discussion about the de facto existence of an association of Wikipedians. Alex756

I think that the current status of the Association of Wikipedians is very loose-knit in some areas and tight-knit in others. There are users (usually wikipediholics) who subscribe to the mailing list and edit pages for 3 (or more) hours a day, and there are users who just contribute a little and are completely unaware of any discussion and contribute alone quietly. I think we need to join as many contributers as possible into the tighter-knit group to increase productivity in wikipedia. It was also boring for me before I personally knew about the tighter-knit group. w:LittleDan

well, depends...are you not talking of an Association of Anglo-American Wikipedians here ?

No, the document can be in many languages, it only has to be translated like the UN Charter. I think that the UN works in at least six languages, maybe more.Alex756 21:14 15 May 2003 (UTC)

ok. But then, why do you only post to the english wiki as if only english people had to be aware of it ?
she means the mailing list. You probably wanted the wikipedia-l list, not the wikien-l list.
I personally think the loosely knit contributors are the most valuable part of wikipedia. Us tighter knit folks just spend time bitching about naming conventions and talking to each other - scarcely more productive... --mrd