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I have some input on this:

  • In Norwegian (either form), names of languages and peoples are not capitalized when within a sentence, but they are capitalized when they start a sentence. There is really no rule if it is the only word, as it is here. Normally such a thing would be guided mainly by aesthetics. In my opinion, a capitalized initial is the best alternative here. This would also be in line with usage on the webside of Norsk språkråd, our regulating agency, where lists are generally written with upper-case initials.
  • The comparison to isiZulu is of little point here, as that name should be written with a lower-case 'i' in an English text as well, and even when first in a sentence.
  • To say that Wolfram has suggested this change for other languages as well is one possible interpretation; considering that he seems negative to the change for Norwegian, I would rather say that he suggested that if the change is made, then it should probably be made for other languages as well.

Cnyborg, Dec 6, 2004


Norman proves particularly difficult here—many of the articles are in Jèrriais (Jersey Norman), and many are in Cotentinais (Cotentin Norman), however, these two "dialects" use very different orthographies—in Jèrriais, capitalization largely mirrors English (the word Norman, for example, is "Nouormand"), in Cotentinais, however, capitalization largely mirrors French (Norman is "normaund"). The Jade Knight 22:33, 1 April 2006 (UTC)