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เปิดรายการเลือกหลัก Metaβ ค้นหา แสดงประกาศของฉัน แก้ไขเลิกเฝ้าดูหน้านี้ Communication Projects Group/Meetings/2007-08-22 < Communication Projects Group‎ | Meetings [4:42pm] seanw: All: meeting starting [4:42pm] CraigSpurrier: here [4:42pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, if you want to lead it, feel free. [4:42pm] cary-office: I can spam more people [4:42pm] loco085: [4:42pm] Wiki_Blue: its fine [4:42pm] Wiki_Blue: i think the "regulars" are here [4:42pm] Wiki_Blue: sooo, i just wanted to give you guys a head up and kinda get some type of commitment [4:42pm] Markie996_: congrats sandy by the way [4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: we are probably going to have a fundraiser in fall [4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: (for what??) [4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: and there are no plans set in stone, but [4:43pm] Markie996_: jury appointment - mania [4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: there are some ideas being kicked around [4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: that we will need people to "viral" the internet [4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: lol [4:43pm] Wiki_Blue: i need to know, who I can get a serious commitment from comproj to help with fundraiser [4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: (ie, they can dedicate like 5 hours a week or so) [4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: i think the activities will be fun [4:44pm] Greeves: What would this involve? [4:44pm] Markie996_: to do what?? [4:44pm] Markie996_: spam people?? [4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: well, thats the thing [4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: there is nothing set in stone yet, so until there is I don't want to say "this or that" [4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: but essentially spread the word on the internet [4:44pm] Wiki_Blue: so maybe email friends, or post to selected blogs [4:44pm] cary-office: Markie996_: she's not on the jury any more [4:45pm] Wiki_Blue: or huggle people [4:45pm] Markie996_: Cary:why not [4:45pm] Wiki_Blue: it will be more fun that most projects we have done, I'm assuming [4:45pm] Wiki_Blue: anyone interested? [4:45pm] loco085: in other language than english too, Wiki_Blue ? [4:45pm] Wiki_Blue: yes sir [4:45pm] loco085: [4:45pm] Wiki_Blue: we particular need people in other parts of the world [4:45pm] Wiki_Blue: long story short [4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: we will prob. be collecting stories [4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: from all over the world [4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: and you guys will help spread that message, to get people to send their stories in through video or pics [4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: NOWWW remember [4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: nothing in set in stone, this is an idea [4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: like we were doing... [4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: so again, i just need a few people of committed people [4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: and details to come later [4:46pm] Wiki_Blue: (maybe two or three weeks) [4:47pm] Wiki_Blue: anyone intersted? [4:47pm] Wiki_Blue: going once, going twice [4:47pm] Wiki_Blue: and then I'll move on [4:47pm] seanw: Sorry, not time [4:47pm] schiste: move on [4:47pm] Greeves: So is this fundraising or getting pics? [4:47pm] cary-office: spreading the message [4:47pm] cary-office: and getting the stuff [4:47pm] cary-office: Greeves, want to take that on? [4:47pm] Wiki_Blue: greeves, it would be provding communications assistance [4:48pm] Wiki_Blue: to fundraising [4:48pm] Wiki_Blue: NO fundraising perse [4:48pm] Wiki_Blue: you will do nothing related to fundraising [4:48pm] Wiki_Blue: just pure comm8unications work [4:48pm] Wiki_Blue: but geared toweards communication [4:48pm] Wiki_Blue: okya moving on [4:48pm] Greeves: I can't really make a committment, but can I enter the spam list for interested people? [4:48pm] Wiki_Blue: no no no [4:48pm] Wiki_Blue: lolol [4:48pm] Wiki_Blue: do not spam anyone now [4:48pm] loco085: i'll busy the next week... with Wikimedia Argentina [4:48pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, I think he meant be spammed himself [4:49pm] Wiki_Blue: 2) this is a touch base [4:49pm] • cary-office is waiting for his ticket to B.A. [4:49pm] Greeves: Exactly [4:49pm] Wiki_Blue: I think we need to regroup [4:49pm] loco085: lol cary-office [4:49pm] seanw: Wiki_Blue, yes, I agree here [4:49pm] cary-office: Call Patricio [4:49pm] seanw: We are becoming somewhat fragmented - the summer does that though. [4:49pm] Wiki_Blue: okay....thats what I wanted to know [4:49pm] loco085: you're invited cary-office.. [4:49pm] loco085: [4:49pm] Wiki_Blue: to find out what is working or not working [4:49pm] cary-office: but not paid for [4:49pm] Wiki_Blue: what i could do different [4:49pm] cary-office: *sigh* [4:49pm] Wiki_Blue: etc [4:49pm] loco085: we are poors, cary-office [4:50pm] cary-office: Wiki_Blue: I don't think there's any more that you can do [4:50pm] cary-office: It's not up to you [4:50pm] cary-office: Like seanw said, it's summer [4:50pm] seanw: Agreed. [4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: okay [4:50pm] seanw: Perhaps we shouldn't put too much effort into comproj as a group (but keep going with its projects) until mid September. [4:50pm] loco085: i can help to find some people's histories here [4:50pm] cary-office: But we can talk to people [4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: this virutal thing can be a pain in the ass some times [4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: OHHH LOCO YES [4:50pm] Wiki_Blue: that would be soo cool [4:50pm] zuirdj: read my email about argentina and probably south america, Wiki_Blue [4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: like maybe how a kid in argentina has used wikipedia [4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: (which one juan) [4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: really, stories from South America are really needed particularly [4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: we want to start promoting more what you wree saying juan [4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: how we help the world through education etc [4:51pm] Wiki_Blue: providing info, and SHOW how that is changing people's life [4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: okay. enough [4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: for me [4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: anything for anyone else? [4:52pm] seanw: Not really. [4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: lol [4:52pm] Wiki_Blue: okay is that it? [4:52pm] seanw: I was going to talk a bit about ComProj falling apart, but you did that [4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: lolololol [4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: i hope its the summer [4:53pm] seanw: Right guys, remember to e-mail me stuff for next week. [4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: you guys are so helpful [4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: and really have done so much in such a short time [4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: its been very valuable i think for both the projects and foundation [4:53pm] loco085: Wiki_Blue: the histories may send to bastique's mail? [4:53pm] Wiki_Blue: please cc me [4:53pm] seanw: --- meeting closed --- คุยหมวดหมู่ Last edited 9 years ago by Cirt Meta

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