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Notes to meeting Nov 28 2007. [[1]]

[3:36pm] cary-office: We need a large group of people who can speak English and Japanese We need a small group of people who are bi/tri/lingualists. the principle is that we accredit one reporter from each non-english community as a liason. The need has been mentioned by Eric [[2]]although this one would be aimed at the "General Public'.

[3:39pm] cary-office: ... the first step is identifying people willing to be intermediaries Might be useful to select people who are in institutions which may be influential in getting peoples habits to change. E.g [3]

[3:53pm] cary-office: cary-office: New Projects - New project. How best to identify areas in the various parts of the Wikimedia communities that need people to be involved, in order that we can coordinate involvement and communication among them. NB [[4]]

[4:00pm] HistoryOnTheRoad: I think we have lots of people who are able and willing, but we need to be working toward something specific. like NB [5]

Common theme. Poor communications tools. IRC and elists are antiquated. Wikis are not that good in providing an orientation for newbies and late comers. Lack of funding/'misdirection' of funding. i.e 57% spent on IT (and Ops). 2% spent on Communications.[[6]] Wiki****** is about content (including comms) , not IT, but that's where the money is spent.--Simonpedia 01:13, 30 November 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]