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I think Wikipedia is definately a Community in the most fundemental sense. Take a look at

The 2005 Webby nomination under the category Community is another strong indication that we're doing something right as a community.

I have started included a "Strategic Community Worksheet" on the English language Wikipedia as part of The WkiProject Community there. Could use some help and support for the project.

Quinobi 10:29, 12 Oct 2004 (UTC)


There seems to be some background assumption of this article that isn't exactly clear. Something about there being a specific wikipedia community, and that such a community is kind of a good thing. In my subjective experience, Wikipedia is a bunch of articles, some kind of logical dry essay, a vast desert of facts. A few times now and then, each second month or so, one encounters a foreign voice with whome to communicate temporarily. Otherwise the editing of "my" encyclopedia is a lone job. No social contacts. And I'm not here for social contacts either, I don't wish nor like them, but I can accept them. Q: Why don't I author a lot of rubbish then and vandalize? A: Because someone out there might see me making a great fool of myself in a serious topic.

There are other fora where I can wreak havoc, I'm a psyklopedist (Swedish uncyclopedia), and that is a real community.

I think the essay should elaborate some more on the basic assumptions, such as that there is a specific community (not just this scribble board and the articles) if there is, and what the purpose(s) of the community is, as opposed to the communities outside. rursus 14:27, 12 May 2009 (UTC)Reply

Assumption of community[edit]

Using the same platform to drop information makes us part of the community. Knowing that the information that is left on the pages can be changed, challenged or adopted by all the other members makes us part of one community. I mentioned that the part that I call community can regulate several of shortcommings of individual members. I am deeply impressed by the devotion of several of the members. --Neozoon 22:18, 21 September 2009 (UTC)Reply