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Cross-wiki watchlist project[edit]

Hi everyone,

WMF's Community Tech team has started the design work for a Cross-wiki watchlist feature, which was the #4 most requested project on the 2015 Community Wishlist Survey. Our goal is to build a beta feature that users will enable, replacing their current watchlist with a functional, easy-to-browse cross-wiki watchlist.

I'm posting some early wireframes here that show the basic structure of how the watchlist items would look, along with some filters. There's two views pictured in these wireframes that you could toggle between, using the filters -- a single chronological list that shows entries from all the wikis that you choose, or splitting up the list by project.

The feedback that we're looking for: Which elements would fit your workflow, and which would get in your way? Does the "chronological list" vs "split by project" filter make sense? Which one do you think you would use? What are the important missing pieces?

There's more discussion about this on Meta: m:Talk:Community Tech/Cross-wiki watchlist. Feel free to post your thoughts here, or there. What do you think?