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This is an excellent suggestion, which I have wanted for years. You can check in

..for some of the user names which have been made "in my honour" over the last few years (though most of them have been oversighted.)

Try also User:Nishidani and User:Zero0000

Some notes:

1: This has to be an universal feature: the latest attack usernames agains me were made on commons, and on de.wikipedia.

2: The idea that "Implement a rule that all new usernames cannot begin with an existing username" is a huge overkill. Only very few of us are so "honoured", I would think that at least 99,9% of Wikipedia users never experience this problem. But editors who do experience it, should have a place to ask to have any new username starting with theirs forbidden, as a general rule.

3: Exceptions to this general rule: Some names might be legitimate, even if they start with, say, User:HuldraSomething. That is because the name, Huldra, is taken from this creature: ...and to give yourself the nick Huldra is rather common from where I come from...especially for females with long hair (which I did have, back in 2005, when I registered.)

I see there are a User:Huldra1961, a User:Huldra24, a User:Huldra6, a User:Huldrejenta (meaning Huldragirl, in the Scandinavian languages).....all these are ok usernames.

I would suggest that anyone starting a User:HuldraSomething should be checked by an admin first. This admin can the block obviously abusive username, and allow obviously non abusive names (like User:Huldra1961, a User:Huldra24, a User:Huldra6). In cases where the admin doesn't understand what the name means, (like User:Huldrejenta), they should check with me,

I.o.w.: Anyone who tries to register User:HuldraSomething, should get a message that part of that name is already in use, and that the name will be checked by an admin.

4: About "Implement a rule that all new usernames cannot contain a combination of username and a verb", yeah, you can do that...but some are experts working around that. I suspect the word "penis" is not allowed in a user therefore you get

instead. In short, it will not be enough. Also, I see some have alternate account, of the type User:HuldraTravelling....all such account names would be forbidden, then, wouldn't they?

Cheers, --Huldra (talk) 21:26, 20 September 2017 (UTC)Reply