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I agree with the need for this type of discussion. However, there is already two forums for these types of discussions: One over at and the Wikipedia-L. maveric149

Thanks! How about if I maintain and moderate this page for while in case any others show up?

I will check out the links above and we can put them in at the top of the page as well. If the other forums are best and bleed off interest then we can delete these pages and transfer material as appropriate. user:mirwin

Sounds good to me. However, someone else may be a bit bold in editing and move the content before we are ready -- just a heads up. maveric149
Some of the long-term users are rather firm on the desire to see meta-discussion off the main wikipedia (for various good reasons, IMHO). I would suggest you shift the content to ASAP (which was set up for just this purpose), and if necessary replace the content on the main wikipedia site with a pointer to the article on meta. --Robert Merkel

Just a few comments for mirwin--general comments to your various contributions to Meta-Wikipedia:

  • I believe you have overreacted. Please--polite questions and discussion are much more effective and beneficial to the community than uninformed speculation and attacks.
  • This discussion really would be better conducted on Wikipedia-L, because you basically need clarification of a number of points about Wikipedia policy (that have been addressed elsewhere for the most part), and for a newcomer like yourself, those points are better addressed in the give-and-take format of discussion. Please observe that some discussion has already begun on Intlwiki-L; but can I ask you, please, unlike a few of the participants in those discussions, to frame your questions in the least damaging and insulting way possible? This sort of thing really can throw a lot of cold water on the project. As this project's founder, I want to see to it that it continues to thrive. So it is really important that you not undermine it (unintentionally or not!).
  • The notion of subscriptions has never even once been considered. It's simply ludicrous. If you had simply asked, we could have told you this.
  • Another thing you would have learned, simply by asking, is that Jimbo and I have long been discussing making a nonprofit to manage Wikipedia and Nupedia.
  • The term is "Wikipedian" (or "Wikipedants" :-) ), not "Wikipediasts."
  • Please see this page and this one for general future reference. :-)
  • Generally, consider the logic of this point: we founded this project. We personally, over and over again, fostered the very community ethos that makes it thrive. It is ridiculous to think that, after doing all this very careful planning and work, we would then shoot ourselves in the foot by doing anything very unpopular with the very community that makes it possible! --Larry_Sanger

Hello. Larry, you=founder, but you!=owner. You *only* the most old people here :D I think..
/Me Ratbert.

You don't know what you're talking about, sounds like to me. --LMS