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Some notes:

I really like what the Mozilla people have done. See: http://www.mozillastore.com/products/donations and http://mozilla.org/foundation/donate.html

We should contact them to see how they manage everything.

--Daniel Mayer 18:57, 16 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Other ways to accept donations[edit]

We can immediately improve our paypal rates by 0.6%, if they aren't already at 2.2%. Either

  • we get a competing offer at going online-merchant exchange rates (2.2-2.3%), or
  • we maintain a steady stream of donations at the current clip.

We can immediately get decent rates (3%) for CC-processing from "170 countries" via iKobo; don't know how the country-lists break down for iKobo v. PayPal, but iKobo prides itself on being more international.

We can quickly get lower rates (2.2%) and process e-checks for only $0.35 (no percentage) via ECHO. (see also 1st american's rates.)

In another year: We may be able to get slightly better rates for CC processing, particularly overseas, directly from banks; these negotiated rateds depend on our organization history and volume, and our relationship with the bank.

Stats: donations broken down by amount[edit]

Here's a List of donations from Jan-Mar 2004, broken down by donation amount, showing the number of donations at each level, the fee % captured by paypal, the new fee % captured by a decent credit card/electronic check option ([1]), and the comparative savings of that CC/e-check option over PayPal :

It's getting obnoxious[edit]

I don't know where to say it, so I'm saying it here: The size of the Wikipedia donation banner is getting larger every year, and it's getting obnoxious. I donated in past years, but not this year because of this annoyance. I don't log in and don't have cookies enabled, so I keep having to see this huge banner all the time. It doesn't make me want to contribute. It makes me want to punch someone. 12:55, 12 December 2009 (UTC)Reply