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Hi, Your Link to "Bug Reports and feature requests" goes to a much too complicated page. I could not find out, where / how to leave my suggestion there. Please make the word "TUSC" in front of the password a link to in the page so as help people get around without using the uggly seach of wikimedia commons or meta. It is not obvious that one can do that in order to have TUSC explained. Thanks -- 01:26, 2 May 2009 (UTC)

Problems running FIST[edit]

Hi, since some months FIST does not work for me. Maybe I do something worng. I call the tool by the wikipedia {{catscan Portal|Luftfahrt}} which calls[catdepth]=7&params[random]=50&params[ll_max]=5&params[commons_max]=5&params[flickr_max]=5&params[include_flickr_id]=1&params[wts_max]=5&params[gimp_max]=5&params[esp_max]=5&params[esp_skip_flickr]=1&params[forarticles]=noimage&params[lessthan_images]=3&params[jpeg]=1&params[png]=1&params[gif]=1&params[svg]=1&params[min_width]=80&params[min_height]=80&sources[languagelinks]=1&sources[commons]=1&sources[flickr]=1

The tool starts, but runs endless.

Thanks, regards --JuergenKlueser 22:45, 14 January 2011 (UTC)