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Is no one thinking about the slightly further out evolution of Wikipedia that possibly or probably will occur? Looking at the logarithmic growth curves of the data and article count, does it not seem likely that Wikipedia will continue to grow and eventually become a unified single bank of all human knowledge? And would the world wide availability of this knowledge not allow advancement of knowledge to grow at an ever faster rate than previously? There seems to be so many positive feedback systems in the concept of Wikipedia that it's never ending growth to a point where it encompasses all knowledge seems almost inevitable.

In regards to quality of information I think this will only be a small problem and will only delay rather than prevent Wikipedia becoming a resource such as this. Campaigns should be launched to encourage professionals, academics and anyone who has a certain specialist knowledge to contribute to Wikipedia. Although ideally such a project as Wikipedia would have no advertising I think discreet and targeted advertising should be introduced to fund such campaigns. I think Wikipedia in the next decade has the capability to revolutionise the knowledge industry worldwide and in doing so create an economic gain equating to several percent of worldwide production.

However, in tearing open the knowledge industry it may also cause a reduction of writing by academics for lack of incentive either by recognition or money. Therefore it is probably important that systems should be introduced to allow recognition and monitory gain from inputs. Whatever the case I think this is an incredibly exciting time in the development of human civilisation to live and we should take more time to contemplate this and look towards the future. A satisfaction must be created in the addition of information to what is probably to become one of the most important revolutions in human society. What is it that separates us from animals if it is not the knowledge that we posses.