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I clicked and donated on Brandon's pic rather than Jimmy's just because I found Jimmy's pic this year looked kind of like a big-eyed pathetic puppy -- I felt manipulated by it, like the expression was way too reproachful; felt annoyed by that. Didn't even read the associated appeal message with either -- just donated. 22:50, 24 November 2011 (UTC)

Hey, how about my photo there instead of Jimmy's? Seriously, I would pay 20Eur for the remote possibility that my face appears to someone somewhere on top of Wikipedia. If you put photos of contributors, it would really convey the message that Wikipedia is a community supported initiative. Only restriction should be that they are people faces and names, not ads for businesses or politicians (maybe for rock bands you can make exception, if they don't advertize an album, but themselves). Main objection I have for Jimmy is that is always the same person on all appeals. Boring, and looks like self promotion. -- @suncho