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Frankly, I think making a peer-to-peer version of the Wikipedia is an excellent idea. It cuts down on traffic to the main servers, and would be a cool example of the power of P2P.

However, I don't know if Gnutella is the platform to use. Freenet at least has a framework for a Web interface. There are quite a number of new-generation P2P platforms -- GNUnet, MUSE, etc. I wonder if any have as good Web-page support as Freenet? It might be worth looking into.

In addition, it's probably worth thinking about how editing and updating would work. --Evan 23:06, 9 Mar 2004 (UTC)

I agree that Gnutella, renowned though it may be, probably isn't suitable for this endeavor. I must admit that I have only a a passing acquaintance with Freenet, have only heard GNUnet mentioned by name, and know nothing of MUSE. I should probably redesign the main article into a more workable form (feel free to do this yourself, if you have the time), so that the various merits of each network can be discussed in full.

As for editing and updating, I had in mind having the Gnutella daemon generate articles dynamically from the existing Wikipedia database. This would mean having obsolete versions of articles out there, but, presumably, an obsolete article is not necessarily wrong, unless one had the misfortune to download it shortly after vandalism has taken place. I agree, however, that this deserves some discussion as well. -- Itai 08:21, 10 Mar 2004 (UTC)