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I cut out the following part of the article, since I think it doesn't fit to the purpose of this article: Presenting goals for students. I want to remodel the article, maybe we can use parts of it at a later point.

Which wiki is the best for your course?[edit]

While w:Wikipedia is the best known wiki out there, it is not the only one you can use to enhance your course. There are several other wikis operated by the Wikimedia Foundation that you may find useful - and if neither of those fits your course, you can always create your own wiki.

The advantages of working on the English Wikipedia is that you and your students will be working in the largest existing wiki community, and one that offers plenty of opportunities for educational assignments. However, you should keep in mind that not everything belongs on Wikipedia. In particular, Wikipedia doesn't accept original research, which means that if your students are doing new research, or writing non-encyclopedic content like personal essays or how-to manuals, you should look at some other sites. Of particular interest may be:

  • Wikibooks - a project dedicated to creation of books. It accepts original research and allows for non-encyclopedic style
  • Wikimedia Commons - a repository of multimedia, with potential for innovative courses involving arts, as well as object recognition (as in an assignment where students have to categorize unidentified images from the course area, ex. identify organisms for a course in biology)
  • Wikinews - an interesting option for journalism education

--KathrinJ 18:54, 8 October 2009 (UTC)