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Latest comment: 18 years ago by MilkMiruku

It would be nice you stop call me "this person" Mav. I think it is more offensive that my poor wretched definition.

the current article is a refactoring of the below...

GodKing is a pseudonym for Jimbo Wales. Only.

As long as we're talking about Wikipedia. In general, a GodKing is an absolute dictator who usurps god-like powers for him/herself, and verges on abuse of them (or blatantly does so).

Why do we call Jimbo Wales a GodKing, though? He's not evil...

there was no notion of evilness in my mind...
It's used here as more of a joking reference; as the guy who owns the plug, he's got theoretically very great powers, and as the guy who started the project, his authority has some weight. Like the Queen of England, he mostly trots out for ceremonial affairs and very occasionally makes a recommendation to parliament. ;) cf MeatBall:GodKing

This page is offensive. The MeatBall:GodKing def for GodKings is "Kings that are so arrogant that they suppose they are "god"." This in no way is a pseudonym for Jimbo and I hope that the person who wrote the first line of this page will do the right thing and change that text accordingly. --Maveric149 08:21 27 May 2003 (UTC)

maybe it's humorous sarcasm? --MilkMiruku 16:34, 12 March 2006 (UTC)Reply

Queen Elizabeth II doesn't make recommendations to Parliament. The most she is expected to do is express her frank opinions to the Prime Minister in a private meeting or express her mild, toned-down read-between-the-lines opinion in her Christmas speech to the nation.