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request for clear block situation for my IP address[edit]

The Ticket number is #2020112210004922. Dear Stewards I'm using Lantern software(Free VPN) in ..., because without VPN, I am not be able to see many websites. I think I'm blocked for it, so I ask you to clear this blocking situation from my IP and tell me that can I have permission using Lantern during wikipedia editing again or not?

Thank you very much

Accidentally blocked (Feb 2nd, 2020)[edit]

Hey, I believe that I'm blocked accidentally as the IP mentioned in the notice is not mine at all. So, kindly unlock asap! The notice states that: ", you have been blocked by ‪Rxy‬ until 04:16, 6 February 2021, because: Cross-wiki abuse." While my IP is: My Wikipedia Username: FR.farahrahman. Kindly rectify it asap. If you need more information, do let me know. Thanks! The ticket number is #2021020110012727

Global Locket[edit]

I am globally locked, all my pages got deleted, and I got no info why. I am Misdafatma Alza Astrafiyah and need help with that. Thank you. My ticket number is #2021033010000219. Yes, I just want to know why I was blocked, because I don't know who has done bad behavior, because I was blocked as the second account of other people with interests. why is this happening? With pleasure please explain