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Appologies if this causes offence but these questions didn't seem helpful in the Customization page

All the answ[[ers were in Customization:Quickbar]], but it was a little confusing. Hopefully I've cleared things up a bit.



Adding [item]s and external links to the navigation bar?

Argh, trying to fool me? For half an hour i'm wading through this wicked documentation and no i find the question i was longing for, but where is the answer? So where the hell can i add items to the navigation bar as it has been done with the article workspace in wikinews projects for example...

I'm with you here- stuck of london :-(

I'm not sure what "stuck of london" is, but see the Customization:Quickbar page. Does that help?

I'm lost too... where is the document 'customising navigation links'?

Another one stuck on customising navigation links! Lets start it Navigation Links

Under 1.3, a look at the file might help you customize the Navigation bar.

This documentation is a cluttered mess -- it's impossible to find what I want -- there are TOO many redirects! ---

I would like to know some specifics... Such as:

  • What are the dimension of the logo to the upper right (assuming I'm just using the default layouts and stuff)?
  • Why is it that I can't seem to find the file which is the background image? Would it not just be in (for example) ./wiki/stylesheets/images/ with everything else?

Am I in the right place looking for these things?

Thanks, Funduk


im with you ppl i could not understand a bit Wisesabre 11:29, 31 July 2005 (UTC)Reply


In what css file is the logo settings?


Customizing footer[edit]

I would like to customize the footer (the one where the "about wiki" and "disclaimer" links are placed) but I haven't found a hint on how to do it. I am using the MonoBook skin with version 1.4.0 of MediaWiki.

-- 11:30, 4 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Ok, I've found a "not so clean" way by editing skins/MonoBook.php. There should be a variable for customizing the footer, too!
-- 16:51, 5 Apr 2005 (UTC)
Check here -- 08:35, 4 September 2005 (UTC)Reply

If you just want to remove unwanted items from the footer, in Monobook.php look for $footerlinks = array( .. ) and remove any unwanted elements. -- Barrylb 16:56, 1 July 2006 (UTC)Reply


It would be REALLY nifty, as well as consistent, if the top-left logo was driven by a Mediawiki: namespace page. - 8 July 2005 18:25 (UTC)

As a total newby, it is not at all clear what is meant by "stylesheet". Where is the stylesheet for the logo, is it contained in the wiki.png file or something like that? A little explanation would go a log way here.

See w:Cascading Style Sheets. The stylesheet for the default skin is at MediaWiki:Monobook.css. Wiki.png is an image file, not a stylesheet. Angela 05:26, 14 November 2005 (UTC)Reply

More Logo discussion[edit]

I changed the $wgLogo variable to point to my new graphic, but I've noticed some weird behavior. If I'm not logged in, the main page still shows the default logo (and I did refresh my browser). If I go ot any other page my logo is displayed. If I log in, my logo is displayed on the main page.

Any idea what's going on?


Change log in text[edit]

How does one change the text that gets displayed on the top right "Create an account or log in"? I found this exact phrase in side the file:


'userlogin'             => 'Create an account or log in',

But changing that does nothing...

Ah I figured it out... Log in with your administrator account go to Special:Allmessages page

On this page it shows all of the messages "text" for different portions of the wiki... simply click the link in the left column then edit the page as you would any other wiki page...

search for "userlogin" to find the log text that gets displayed on the top right...

userlogin |
Talk 	  |   Log In

Note that on my wiki I capitalized "Log In" but the wiki rendered it as lowercase "log in"... but I dont care about that...

Maybe these wiki folks can some how emphasize how to edit stuff like that in the customization part of thier FAQ

To modify it, I changed the MediaWiki:Nav-login-createaccount page and it works prefectly!

Assuming one does the above as user account creation has been disabled for most users, although the top right 'log in' message will now make more sense, unfortunately the userlogin message is also used in Special:SpecialPages as the text of the link to the account creation page, thus its text will then become misleading. A better solution, although it is more hacky, is to edit SkinTemplate.php. Find the lines

$personal_urls['login'] = array(
'text' => wfMsg('userlogin'),

At the bottom of the function buildPersonalUrls around line 520 & change 'userlogin' to 'login'.

A better solution would be to select between the two alternatives according to whether the current user is permitted to create an account. In my mind that change would warrant becoming part of the default code; unfortunately it's beyond my knowledge of MediaWiki atm to do this OTTOMH.

How do I remove the "create an account" portion of the "Create an Account or Login" page, so that users can only log in? -FJ

top menubar - problems to remove it when not logged in[edit]

Q:How do I remove the "edit" "discussion" and other tabs on my site for users that are not logged in? well, I got mediwiki 1.5 and the answer posted in the faq simply does not work ... there remains a "specialpage" tab instead of the "article" tab ... anyone knows why and because of what part of source? I couldn't fix that ...

ok, it seems to be a BUG ... but I found another way to solve this: (posted under the FAQ-Question ...)

I have found another way to mask the specialpage tab, still in SkinTemplate.php. See the if that is modified by the original FAQ answer? It has an else part, way lower, which clearly says: /* show special page tab */. Bracket the entire contents of that else section (about 10 lines long) with another if( $wgUser->getId() != 0) { ... } and only logged in users will see the specialpage tab. Thibgc 08:31, 8 March 2006 (UTC)Reply

missing answer[edit]

The following question is missing an answer: How do I change the "content page", "discussion", etc. tags at the top of the page?

hint on how to hide toolbox not working[edit]

The hint on how to hide toolbox not working on last mediawiki 1.5.6 JUST GO FOR

Hi, I just corrected this hint -Sébastien Aubry, 28/06/2006

How do you edit the home page???[edit]

Where is there documentation on how to edit the home page? I open index.php and it contains a bunch of tags to import information from other variables. What file do I need to edit so I can create some boxes like those on mediawiki or wikipedia?

Context-sensitive left-hand menu[edit]

Is it possible to have different left-hand menus for different pages? My organisation is currently running on PMWiki, which have a sort of namespace feature called WikiGroups where each WikiGroup can have a custom menu on the left, which is quite useful. Harald Hansen 11:36, 24 March 2006 (UTC)Reply

Anyone? It seems like the different projects really like their left-hand menus, but I would like us to move onto MediaWiki. Harald Hansen 09:09, 27 March 2006 (UTC)Reply

missing link?[edit]

See article How do I change the icon in browser's address-line? in MediaWiki_FAQ

The FAQ has moved, but the question doesn't appear in the new FAQ. walter 18:50, 15 June 2006 (UTC)Reply

changing search[edit]

Yes, you can search and then go to another page to then select Google, but why not just search directly? I modified Monobook.php to specify

 <div id="searchBody" class="pBody">
     <form action="" id="searchform"><div>
        <input type="text" name="search" id="search"/>

Here, of course, it's searching Wikipedia rather than Google, but you get the idea.

Adding a language navigation menu like on Wikipedia[edit]

I was told in a Wikimedia blog that if I wanted to host a multi-lingual site I needed to run several independent MediaWiki sites off different databases and then link them amongst themselves. I am willing to do that, but I don't know how to add a menu like the one on the Wikepedia site. I have seen it on other sites; I just don't know what or where I can find the code or extension to do so. Could someone please help me? Cheers, Martin.


How do I change the logo or the link to the logo? 22:33, 25 March 2007 (UTC)Reply

Private toolbox or menu items[edit]

Is there a way to allow only certain users see some menu items?Bouncingmolar 20:39, 18 April 2007 (UTC)Reply

Can't change the position of toolbox & search box[edit]

i want to switch search and toolbox position... i followed your instructions...but it didn't i'm wondering if i'm editing the wrong php file!? skin is monobook and i edited monobook.php in wiki/data/skins/MonoBook.php what am i doing wrong!? i'm kinda lost... :-( please help--Mondschein 07:53, 31 May 2007 (UTC)Reply