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Potential areas for further investigation


Do different types of photo events attract different kinds of users?

What is the relationship between style of event, new and existing users, and content contributed and used?

How can we apply the successes of small-scale, low-cost events in other contexts?

Under what conditions can impactful small-scale, low-cost photo events be replicated successfully?

How does WLE compare to WLM?

How do the inputs, outputs, and outcomes of Wiki Loves Earth competitions compare to those of Wiki Loves Monuments competitions? Is WLE following a similar path of competition adoption and growth as WLM did?

Answering the value in- value out questions

To really dig into questions about how inputs such as how inputs like‘’’budget, organizer hours, and in-kind donations’’’ affect program outcomes and impact the success of a program, we need more program leaders to track and share these inputs, examine their results, and report in a similar way how effective their program implementations.
Most importantly, events that report all three, inputs, outputs, and outcomes are especially helpful, since it allows for a more consistent comparisons across events. Some important tips to help.
  • To learn how to find metrics like number of media uploaded, unique images used, new users, existing users who are active editors, etc, see the Global metrics learning pattern.
  • If you are unable to capture all important metrics for your program, be sure to record the start times, end times, and participant lists so that you can get help to access more data.
  • Reporting the ‘’’value of organizer hours, both for staff and volunteers, and in-kind donations in dollars’’ will allow us to look at the cost effectiveness of different program approaches versus their goals.
  • More clearly articulating how program activities align to goals, especially in the case of less tangible goals, such as ‘’increase volunteer motivation and commitment’’, will help program leaders to choose what is best to measure and to measure those outcomes that share the story of their success.

Questions abut Evaluation Impact


Questions about measures


Questions about Sharing


Questions about Connecting