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hello all ! kicking the wiki with a few possible discussion topics:

At number 1: The Hmmm? Solver - a list/noticeboard of those tricky problems (eg FDT!) we face and can't solve without using the google hammer - (with answers of course).

2. The Semantic Web - its just fancy xml innit? Discuss.

3. Trees and Nodes and Metamorphism - Design Patterns : the Saga continues......

4. Online Magic Tricks: What are they and how do we do/make some David/Derren/Paul/Blaine/Brown/Daniels stuff ?

5. Christmas: Myth or reality.

6. Oxford Street : Myth or reality.

7. [Anything you want to put here] : Myth or Reality

8. Banners and the Rich Beyond: Close Encounters with the Eye Zebras and the Tango Blasters and how we escaped alive.

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