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Will localisation of the geographic names be possible semi-automatic? I did some research about river names in the North East of the Congo and flooded villages in South West Switzerland. In both case, I found different spellings for the same name in the same language. Example: Ouélé (french in France and Republic of Congo), Uélé (french in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, used by the government), Uele (french in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, following the rules of the Lubumbashi spelling conference in the 1970ies). Or in Switzerland, local government officalised annother spelling as the chanellery of the federal state... (Émosson-Emosson; Ürikon-Uerikon) Here, translators have to do some more research and they need a lot of tact.--Eruedin 09:42, 30 July 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]