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Rhynchostylis Coelestis Blue

Before not having and knowing this orchid I've never had any interests in orchid plants. But since I saw the little lovely flower in clusters, I fell in love with it and since then I started collecting orchids. And I'm gonna talk about my experience having a rhynchostylis coeslestis blue. So I got my flowering or blooming size coelestis blue March 16,2020 at 15cm in height with a keikei measuring about 7-8cm in height and because I wanted to propagate this little keikei I separated/detached it from the mother plant. And that's how I got two coelestis blue. And basically this orchid is an ephypetic plant that attach itself from trees and in some cases other orchid plants can even attach themselves on rocks. Since I got my coelestis blue I did a lot of research, read a lot of articles from the internet and I learned that this orchid is native to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. So I was really surprised that this orchid is not hybridize, it can be obtained from the nature, and the beautiful colour of it's flower is natural. Also I read about the slow grower characteristic of this orchid but base on my experience, I think they can grow faster with proper care than the estimated growth from the articles I've read. I wanna share to you guys that my coelestis blue started spiking last June 19, 2020, and my plant is totally in bloom July 14, 2020, just..there's a bit difference with the colour of the flower from the pictures in the internet to my coelestis blue. My plant didn't show the purplish or bluish streak on the edeges of the sepals or petals unlike to the one's I saw from the internet, but well anyway I still adore the flower. And just wondering why it bloomed for me because based on my research from the internet the flowering season is on October-December and I live in a tropical country. But well anyway let's talk about the fragrance of the flower. Yes! It is fragrant but it's not like a perfume with sweet scent that anyone would wear, its a bit lemony and spicy but not too fragrant, a bit grassy, its closer to the mild scent of spring flowers. And in reality the color of the lip of the flower's are not totally, it has a dark purple shade with dark blue colour so if I were to really describe it, it is the indigo color.

The shade for this plant, well I put my coelestis blue under a tree hanging and after four months I tried putting my other coelestis blue at direct sun and I didn't get a good result only to see some of the leaf got burned, so I've put it back under the shade of a tree and I think that's the environment that is ideal for this plant. The roots already attached itself to the drift wood I used as its potting medium, so it is totally exposed from the hot air from where I live. Since I got this plant on summer time I water it four times a day if possible, but since the rainy season has started I only water it once a day but if the rain keeps pouring down of course there is no need to water the plant.

About the fertilizing stuff well I do fertilize my orchid once a week a fertilizer that can induce growth of my orchid, but since I saw it started spiking I only give my plant a bloom booster fertilizer because I want my orchid to focus on its flowers so it will last long as it can. And I observed that it stop growing since the flower spike started sprouting and I guess that after it bloomed it will start growing again.