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After we received the suggestion to participate, it was suggested that the english article be polished then translated in italian.

However, the italian wikipedia already has got an article on the topic (not a stub :-)), so it was suggested in their bar that both articles be merged and the final article benefit from the best of both.

First issue is to label both articles as being contest article part of a prize project. Second to gather editors of both languages to try to make the best of those two. I suggest that the working version be the english one, but this will highly depend on how many people are ready to work on the stable version. I will insist that the idea is NOT to replace the current italian one by the english one, but to produce the best final article.

Anthere 08:42, 6 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Participants with knowledge in physics (for article improvement) :

I move my comments from the main page, as it seems this will not be the procedure followed. ant

No one has suggested that the Italian article or any other language's article be replaced by a translation of the English article. It was suggested that all languages (and not just Italian and English) work together to make the best possible article and that this resulting article be the basis of translation efforts. I will take it one step further, and add that since more people worldwide will have access to the English article (in other words, there are more people that speak English at least as a second language than there are people who speak Italian), this final article will be the one that most people from other languages turn to when they begin to translate. It seems to me that the first step is to bring at least one article to feature article status to serve as a model for other languages to follow. If we assume (and I think that this is a safe assumption), that most people will translate from English, it would make sense that the template article be the English article, after it is polished and edited by people from all languages. I welcome and encourage all the other languages that already have articles to review the English article and make suggestions as to how to improve it, based on what exists in their own languages. Danny 03:42, 7 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Last week-end I studied the two articles (in english and in italian) about special relativity and I started writing a draft that, hopefully, will merge the best of each. Why I started from the italian version? Well, it may sound not very professional but I simply think and write a lot faster in my own language than in english. As soon as a complete draft in italian (hopefully in few days) will be ready it will be translated into english and we will start discussing it all together.
In the meanwhile I would be very glad if italian-speaking fellows will revise a bit my work. Comments fron non- physicists will be particularly welcome since it is supposed to be a divulgative article that should be understood by non specialists (of course, if a specialist find a mistake his comments are welcome too ;-) ). Don't be shy, if you don't get what I wrote it's my fault, not your ;-). Just try to avoid flames and insults ;-). --Berto 08:28, 8 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Articles that are part of the project[edit]

I've added links to some articles present on Wikibooks and Wikiquote, I think they should be part of the project. Maybe an article that talks about the perception or influence or importance of relativity in popular culture would be nice?

--Snowdog 11:41, 8 Nov 2004 (UTC)